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Analyzing Different Sources of Recruitment - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses different sources of recruitment. It is important f the HR department to effectively use all the recruiting sources efficiently. Effective recruitment plans require the thorough understanding of the business and industry. It analyses advantages, disadvantages of internet recruiting…
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Analyzing Different Sources of Recruitment
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the most widely used sources of recruitment include both internal and external sources. The internal sources include internal company database, employee reference s. The external sources of recruitment include internet/ online mediums, Employment agencies, educational institutions, job fairs and ads in print media. This section of the study looks to provide a comparative analysis of all the sources (Bhattacharya, 2009, p. 225).
Some of the major advantages of using internal sources are: The overall morale of the employees are quite high, The Company can assess the attitude towards work as well as ability due to prior work actions. The internal recruiting sources are much less costly than the external sources. Internal recruiting can work as a motivating force for good performances by the existing employees. The process of internal recruiting usually aids the succession planning process, future promotions as well as career development. The firm can actually hire people at the entry level and then move those employees up the ladder based on experience and performance. This will help the company to retain employees and save cost. There are some disadvantages of internal recruitment also. The inbreeding of employees may lead to a less diverse workforce. People not getting promotions may experience a low degree of morale; some may actually indulge in a political tug of war. Most of the time developmental programs are required to transfer employees into a supervisory role. Managers may resist employees being promoted to other departments. Employment agencies are organizations that bridge the gap between employers and employees. Such agencies provide advantages to employees as well as employers. Employees can have look at offers that are not advertised, reduces the cost and time involved in sending CV to the employers. It provides a lot more choices of companies and industries to the employers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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