How does the HR literature inform the recruitment process - Essay Example

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The researcher develops the following research questions that need to be answered to affirm the findings: How literature work has influenced recruitment process? Why is recruitment crucial in organizations today? How human resource theory informs the recruitment process?…
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How does the HR literature inform the recruitment process
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that Human Resource knowledge and literature contributes significantly to the recruitment process in organizations. Recruitment process involves activities conducted by the HR department to attract and screen new employees in the organization in order to introduce new talents in the organization who can fill various positions that the organization requires.  In the recent times integrated and advanced knowledge on HRM focuses more on the skills of different employees, job requirements, selection process, performance management, education, and development as well as training/learning culture and reward and pay system. These activities are critical in human resource programs and thus informing the recruitment process. The researcher has worked with the HR department previously and he has gained experience on there requirements of organizations on new recruits. The recruitment process should keep in line with the shift in technology and requirements within the workplaces. Recruitment process involves various activities that are critical in human resources management in such areas as training, development, job requirements, applicant qualifications, decision-making, interviews and positions required. Recruitment is an important process where successful measures include thorough research on job requirements and conditions in the market, interviews and such tests like psychometric tests on the candidates where the potentiality of the candidate is determined. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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