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Erecruitment - Essay Example

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In recent times the job selection process has completely seen another face with the progress in internet technology. This day in history, most of the traditional ways of job recruitment have been surpassed in favor of the latest one, e-recruitment. This essay explains what the e-recruiting system is, gives a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity & technology) analysis on it, tells you how it works and what are its advantages and disadvantages if compared to the orthodox system of employment…
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Download file to see previous pages E here refers to online and recruitment as we all know means to employ people for jobs. In a lump sum, it is also referred to as online recruitment. Basically, by the use of the computer and the internet, it brings potential employers and employees into a single destination in the look for a job. Another form of recruitment that's available is the basic one; the one where companies advertise in the news papers, candidates apply and are called in for interviews. However, the orthodox recruitment system has lost its touch and e-recruitment is taking over. According to a recent study, a job is among the top reasons why new users will come to the internet besides e-mail. It is believed that there are more than 18 million rsum's floating online across the web at this time in history!
Many big and small organizations around the globe are using the internet as a source of recruitment. How this process of recruitment works via the internet is that first of all they advertise job vacancies through the internet. Then many people view the positions and the interested job seekers send in their applications or curriculum vitae (what many people refer to as the CV in recent times) through an e-mail over the internet. Alternately, this system works in the reverse as well; the job seekers place their CV's over the worldwide web which can be viewed by prospective employers depending upon their necessities.
Generally, there are two kinds of e-recruitment that an organization can use, 1) Job portals, and 2) By creating an e-recruiting section in a company's own website.
Most organizations prefer looking for jobs through job portals then by creating a separate section for that purpose on their own company website. How organizations make use of the job portals can be compared to how a fishnet separates fish from water; the approaching organizations place the job descriptions and specifications on the job portal and then search the possible rsum's posted on the site to match their demand. Lets discuss how the second option works; the company adds a software to its website, where the hopeful applicants post their rsums into the company database for consideration when a job vacancy is reported.
However if we compare the two options, the job portal option seems much better to me. The people who operate the job portals, even though they charge you a certain fee in case they find you a match, they always give you the best filtered results and save your time. What the people who work for the job portals do, is that they search the entire lot of applications, only for the most capable and deserving one's which are then forwarded to the organization for selection from the already shot-listed candidates. However, in the case where the company posts jobs on its own website, not only would be prove expensive to them, but would also take up a lot of their time. They would have to pay bills to their web-operators who set sets up the job adds on their website, then they'll have to waste time looking through all the candidates who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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