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How will technology and social media influence or change recruitment and talent management in the future - Essay Example

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The knowledge of graduates gets outdates with the passage of time as human knowledge, on average, doubles with the passage of every two years (Oracle, 2012, p. 13). Workforce in the future will need technical skills…
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How will technology and social media influence or change recruitment and talent management in the future
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Extract of sample "How will technology and social media influence or change recruitment and talent management in the future"

Download file to see previous pages Social media has become a viable way of quick interaction between the recruiters and the candidates. The quality of staff members and their services in the hotel industry has a direct impact on the bottom line. Employees serve as the frontline brand ambassadors and their performance drives the true competitive advantage of the organization. To succeed, the employers need to recruit enthusiastic, accountable, and competent employees that should be kept motivated and engaged. To achieve this, many innovative firms are seeing the potential of improving the recruiting strategies with social media (Headworth, n.d.). The rapid advancement of technology and growth of the use of social media will bring drastic changes in the practices of recruitment and talent management in the hotel industry in the future.
Historically, rates of employee turnover within the hotel industry have been remarkably high; turnover rates have been touching 50 per cent. “The American Hotel and Lodging Association has estimated that the turnover cost per employee is a minimum of $4100 per employee, and the American Management Association pegs this number at 30% of an employee’s annual salary” (Cobb, 2013). The high rate of employee turnover in the hotel industry can be partly attributed to lack of opportunities of training and development and inappropriate talent management that has led the employees to attrition and dissatisfaction. To combat the retention issues, hospitality organizations are in need of professional, motivated, committed, and developed graduates that would help them attain their immediate and long-term goals (Scott and Revis, 2008). The trends are expected to change for the better in the future. The continued growth of social media and technology has made room for the working of more team activities and knowledge work remotely. Retention in the hotel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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