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The company’s created data and voice-networking products using voice switching and software engineering expertise. The company expanded in a small scale of time from the year 2000-2010 but the CEO, Michael Millward felt that…
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Extract of sample "NewBoston Networks Company-RESEARCH SKILLS FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT"

Download file to see previous pages ry to examine the organizational structure, strategic choices made by the management and company culture that had an impact on the performances of the employees.
These issues need to be addressed because the company is not able to achieve its assigned goals and objectives, which are because apparently, the working environment of the company is in conducive. Hence, in order to improve the working conditions for the employees, a profound research will be conducted based on the quantitative method. The survey questionnaire as a means to take feedback from employees regarding the role of the managers and supervisors in aligning the duties of the subordinates, the extent to which they are being supportive of their individual tasks, providing good compensation packages, ability to delegate tasks and to have the role of making strategic decisions.
The company operates in Ottawa, Canada, United States, EMEA and Asia Pacific, which shows that the company size is extensive and can expand globally. The total workforce consists of 2,165 individuals working in major departments of the company including Administration (including HR and Finance), Research & Development, Engineering, and Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and Logistics.
The organization form of the company is Sole proprietorship as Michael Millard founded it. The company consists of diverse workforce and employee distribution is uneven in all the countries. For instance, there is no Research Department in Canada, United States and Asia Pacific. In the same way, there is no engineering, sales or customer services present in Ottawa. Besides this, it is seen that their immediate supervisors affect most of the performances of the workforce. Some employees are happy with the management whereas others have issues with the organizational set up and blame Michael Millward for the communication gap with the management.
According to Alvesson (2012), good organizational or corporate culture constitutes a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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