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Management Research Report (MRR) : NewBoston Networks - Essay Example

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Significance of the study: The significance of the underlying issues lies on the fact that the existence of a healthy organizational culture contributes to building personal and professional relationships in the group. These relationships help in sustaining best business…
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Management Research Report (MRR) : NewBoston Networks
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Download file to see previous pages unication: Employees working in various departments were supposed to carry out their work on their own and were not encouraged to communicate their problems to their departmental heads or the CEO. It made the organizational culture weak because people did not feel valued in the organization as their input or feedback was not taken.
Lack of motivation & Innovation: No focus on intrinsic or extrinsic awards. Employees were being paid as per their work, and many felt that they were underpaid, so employees felt de-motivated to carry out their jobs effectively.
Focus on Individualistic goals: Individualistic goals do not require any cooperation from peers or supervisors as employees are supposed to act self-sufficient and need to have the ability to achieve their tasks on their own.
Analysis of Key Issues: If the management of an organization is weak, then it disrupts the whole system. Most importantly, it has a negative impact on the work environment. Thus, it can be said that the core issues within the company were related to the management as they were not providing appropriate rewards, unable to take effective measures to solve the problems of the employees or review their performances as per their task.
Key Findings: Even though, many scholars believe that the management establishes the organizational culture, but it is still true to state that employees have a certain amount of control over organizational culture. Even in a bureaucratic setup, employees in the same department can establish cordial relations with each other as culture is a pattern of shared behavior or information that is developed by a group of people who are closely linked with each other in order to achieve the organizational objective. Thus, it can be said that the group of people makes up a corporate culture, and if they work together, they can build a culture that focuses on personal and professional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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