The Importance of Progression Planning and Retaining Human Resources Within Hong Kong Construction Organizations - Essay Example

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This research paper declares that the Hong Kong construction industry has been facing acute labor shortage particularly skilled labor and professional talent. Overall the number of workers in the sector has declined between 2000 (83, 924) and 2009 (51, 944)…
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The Importance of Progression Planning and Retaining Human Resources Within Hong Kong Construction Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that macau has a large demand for construction workers because of the opening up of the gaming industry with a record 10,000 Hong Kong construction workers being employed in Macau in 2008. China has been employing Hong Kong surveyors, architects and engineers extensively. The relocation of construction talent to China and Macau is due to the opportunity to work on high-profile, large and iconic projects at these destinations. Apart from China and Macau, Singapore and Malaysia have also been competing for skilled engineers based in Hong Kong. The manpower needs in the sector in Hong Kong is expected to grow at 1.9 percent annually by 2018. However, Hong Kong has not demonstrated change in the use of technology in the sector while safely and quality continues to be an issue. This has impacted the local labor market in Hong Kong as higher incentives and pay structure have become essential to attract talent in the industry. Major construction projects such as railways and housing have been conceived but the retirement of the ageing workers and the reluctance of the younger generation to join the industry are some of the other challenges for the sector in Hong Kong. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has released a statement in February 2014 that skilled shortage in the Hong Kong construction market is high among quality surveyors, bricklayers, carpenters and joiners. Despite technological changes the Hong Kong construction industry continues to be labor-intensive and crafts based. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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