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Proper preparation will lead to a successful training event. Although one may have been well prepared, one may feel nervous as the day of the event approaches. There are many concerns that students…
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Lesson 3: Planning the Event:Learning Check 3 [3DLAL3LC3]: Reflection
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CONCERNS WHEN PREPARING FOR A TRAINING EVENT By Location Preparation for a training event will reveal if one succeeds in the real event. Proper preparation will lead to a successful training event. Although one may have been well prepared, one may feel nervous as the day of the event approaches. There are many concerns that students may have in the process of preparation. I personally feel confident concerning any training event. The course has offered me enough information that has boosted my confidence and ability to participate in any training event. I have learned ways to make my preparations, and how to react in the process of the event. With proper preparation, a training event will go on smoothly.
A point of concern when preparing for a training event is concerning the number of people to take part in the event (BLR 2013). An individual needs to know the exact number of people to participate in a training event for one not to be taken by surprise when the number exceeds the expectation. A training event may involve just a few people or many people depending on the circumstance. It is also vital to know the kinds of people participating in the event. A person may find it uncomfortable to participate in a training event where senior or elderly people are also participating. Participants in a training event need to have prior information concerning people who are going to take part in the event.
It is also critical to know the training to be undertaken. There are various types of training that can take place in a training event (LSE SPACE 2012). The participant needs to know a training for him/her to be prepared both psychologically and physically. A participant may not be comfortable concerning a given training hence the need to be fully aware. A person needs to participate in a training event that one feels will meet his/her desires. An individual may want to participate in a training event just for fun, to keep fit, or to reduce weight. Before participating in a training event, participants need to consider the reason they want to participate in the training event.
The place of the training event is also a point of concern. Many participants will enroll in the event that is close to them (Forbes, & Farrar 1995). Many will also consider the climate of the place before making a commitment, whether to participate in the training. A good training event needs to be hosted in a place where accessibility is easy, the environment is conducive for training, and the venue of training has to have enough space. Enough space permits people to move freely and avoid disruption from other people.
Training events may suffer several challenges. Despite the challenges, participants must keep in mind the benefits they will get because of the training event. Training events have several benefits to serious participants. If the event is taken very seriously, the participants will benefit in terms of keeping fit, reducing weight, and also remaining healthy. Organizers of training events must ensure they involve the services of experts in the area in order to ensure that participants fully benefit from the trainings. Concerns arising as a result of preparing for training events can easily be addressed by training experts who have skills and knowledge in training.

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