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[Your full name] [Instructor’s full name] July 21, 2011 Lesson Planning: Needs Assessment and Learning Objectives Purpose of the Paper The purpose of this paper is to develop a lesson plan to teach first semester nursing students. An overview of the knowledge assessment of the students will also be included in order to help teachers plan their lessons in accordance with the results of assessment…
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Lesson Planning: Needs Assessment and Learning Objectives
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, we will discuss how nursing students can identify different lung sounds accurately. The following lesson plan is for the first semester nursing students who will take a lecture of three-hour duration on the topic of lung sounds. The teacher will deliver the lecture in a medical university classroom and will utilize a medical lab for making the students learn different lung sounds in a practical way. Knowledge/Skill Level Assessment Learning the acquisition of skills and knowledge is a continuous process, which makes an instructor integrate new experiences into precious ones (Hauer and Quill). It is important for the teachers to understand the knowledge, skills, and characteristics that each learner possesses. Educational needs assessment plays an effective role in identifying format of educational interventions and preferred contents (Brajtman et al.). “When conducting a learning assessment, instructors consider past and present academic performances as well as the student's values, behaviors and attitudes toward learning” (Cyprus). Examining the skills and knowledge of the students is very important in order to deliver the lecture in an appropriate manner. ...
Being a teacher, I gave the questionnaire to every student of the class in order to know the area of expertise and skills of each of the students. I also spoke with every student personally in order to know what difficulties they face while learning and how much knowledge do they have regarding the topic of lung sounds. Individual interaction with each of the students proved very useful for me as I became able to know all students individually, which helped me design a perfect lesson matching their interests as well as my teaching goals. Both ways, surveys and personal interaction, helped me a lot in developing the lesson plan. Assessment Results The survey, which I used to assess the knowledge of the students, revealed to me that half of the students did not have any knowledge of the lung sounds. Some of the students did not even know whether they could identify all sorts of sounds with a stethoscope or not. Personal interviews with the students revealed to me that previous lessons that they have learned had no close association with the topic of lung sounds. They told me that this topic is a very new topic for them and they need to know all aspects of lung sounds in detail. Interviews revealed that only few of the students were familiar with the lung sounds like Wheeze, Stridor, and Rhonchi but they did not know whether these sounds are expiratory or inspiratory. Surveys and interviews also revealed that the students are deeply interested in the topic of lung sounds and they have a desire to know everything related to the topic. Upon discovering that most of the students do not have any knowledge of this topic, I planned to prepare a lecture, which should include every issue that the students need to know. Therefore, I have designed a lecture, which will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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