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Reflect on the assessment process you use in your own teaching, explain using approprite assessment terminology and theories - Essay Example

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"Reflect on the assessment process you use in your own teaching, explain using approprite assessment terminology and theories"

Download file to see previous pages There are about 30-35 adult learners from a mixed diverse group. This group is quite interactive although some have been out of education for a very long time. They require simple and clear explanation. There is a mixture of male and female. During the session learner may require explanation repeatedly. They are quite responsive and have to keep them focus to the lesson. I will also focus on applying learning theories to encourage learners and promote their understanding by modelling and reinforcement of existing knowledge that they have.
This session relate to the module by having an understanding of my role and responsibilities as a lecturer. It gives an opportunity to apply learning theories to enhance teaching and learning. It is also related in terms of my lesson planning; structuring my session by recognising learner’s needs and apply relevant learning theories to promote learner’s understanding and learning through observation and modelling.
To introduce the four models of working in Partnership in Health and Social Care. Make learners understand the relationships and significance between the four models of working in partnership. Ensure learners understand local strategic partnership and local area agreement. Delivery of lecture and explanation, assessing their knowledge through formal assessment, question and answers and group discussion.
With my group of learners I make sure my power point presentation is very clear, ask questions throughout the lecture, group discussion in order to keep them interactive, get all learners involve and concentrate. I will use examples in order to make them reflect on their practice and previous lecture. I also give them more explanation and definition of key words used in the text. This is because some of my learners are non native speakers. I will build learner’s confidence by praising them and encourage them to interact in class activities. I will also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflect on the Assessment Process You Use in Your Own Teaching, Essay.
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