Lesson 1: Preparation:Learning Check 1 [3DLAL1LC1]: My Learning - Essay Example

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This was because most of my free time I spend watching movies and going for swimming with my friends instead of revising. However, one of the experiences…
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Lesson 1: Preparation:Learning Check 1 [3DLAL1LC1]: My Learning
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My learning s As cited by John p.72), since my learning style was collaborative, Iwas able to interact with the instructors and my colleagues more freely. This raised my confidence levels.
I did not go through the unit properly thus making me to get confused in relation to ideas that were required on assignments. This was because most of my free time I spend watching movies and going for swimming with my friends instead of revising. However, one of the experiences I got while learning how to swim assisted me to effectively apply critical thinking skills to carry out the assignment on preparations for a training event. The assignment assisted me to boost my confidence and ability to engage in any training event. I was also a participative learner since I was able to actively engage in debates and discussions in class. This made it easy for me to understand the training concepts more effectively as compared to when they were relayed by the instructor. My participative learning style also made me to be a discussion partner for the other students. While I explained to them the concepts they did not understand, it also enhanced my understanding on the harder concepts.
Brandt argues that as a student, one needs to incorporate local, national, international and global perspectives in learning (Brandt, 1998, p.166). I demonstrated appropriate and effective interpersonal and intergroup skills to integrate training and team leadership with the interdisciplinary team and the community as a whole. This included understanding systems and relationships as well as their interdependencies and interconnections.
The development of my personal learning goals included identifying personal learning goals and strategies to attain them, monitoring progress, reporting on progress made, and developing new goals. This was because I was an autonomous learner and team player. This enhanced my confidence levels in handling the team building and leadership training assignment.
I tracked my progress every weekend and evaluate every level to which I have abided by my study schedule. I reviewed my class notes soon after the lectures. In areas where I did not properly understand in class, I visited my instructor for further clarification so that I do not get confused. Moreover, I started working backwards from the date due on the long range assignments and also build on extra time to do revisions for exams.
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