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With the advent of new technology, it is seen that the introduction of internet is not limited to the arena of entertainment but has also expanded to the horizon of education. It is seen that many people are trying to study with the use of internet and this is known as virtual…
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Learning English on internet compared with leaning English in class
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What are the advantages & disadvantages of learning English on the internet compared with leaning English in a Instructor Name
What are the advantages & disadvantages of learning English on the internet compared with leaning English in a class?
With the advent of new technology, it is seen that the introduction of internet is not limited to the arena of entertainment but has also expanded to the horizon of education. It is seen that many people are trying to study with the use of internet and this is known as virtual learning. On the other hand many people prefer learning by the traditional methods which include a direct classroom environment. This essay would revolve around the basics of English learning on the internet along with its advantages and disadvantages.
All over the world many institutes are currently using internet to teach students how to understand and talk in English. Several researches have also been conducted to find out the efficacy of internet in helping these students learn. It is found that internet is a way through which the students begin to enjoy learning as a process as they get to choose the exercise that they want to practice. Internet provides the students with a platform where they can engage in activities and use their web page accordingly so that they can be able to deliver accordingly. The research points out that even the students who were unwilling to study in the class, were able to concentrate when given the platform of internet. Moreover this not only helped the students get engaged with the activities but it also improved their pronunciation and kept them motivated. In other words internet is providing a platform through which students can be motivated and in such a manner these students can be able to learn better (Pawlak, Bielak & Wiertelak 2014). A survey by the teachers also shows that the students prefer having online course material when it comes to learning English (Ting 2007). Another advantage of internet learning can be seen in terms of the different types of software that have been developed. This software allows the student to understand English with the help of translation into their home language which they are more comfortable with. This can clearly help the English Second Language learners when compared to the ones who are trying to grasp the language in the classroom (Wilkinson & Shatz 2010). On the other hand the problems with internet can also not be undermined. Internet provides a lot of data to the learners and the students are at will to choose as to which exercise would they like to complete. This brings a problem to the teachers as many students prefer to choose exercises that they are comfortable with. Moreover it also becomes necessary for the teachers to keep a check on the students as the internet is a broad platform which can be used to access social networks and other websites. The students can be given the platform to learn through internet but it is necessary that classes are further taken to reinforce the knowledge that these learners would have grasped through the internet. In this manner one can ensure a check on the students capability to learn over the internet.
Integrating both the approaches becomes necessary when it comes to learning English. A teacher should use both the internet lessons and the classroom lectures to ensure that the student is learning through both methods.
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