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Outline - Essay Example

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 Outline Course Number: Date:       Outline An Analysis of the Setting The setting is a present day class room located in every part of the country that is concerned with providing instruction for English language learners…
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Extract of sample "Outline"

 Outline Number:       Outline An Analysis of the Setting The setting is a present dayclass room located in every part of the country that is concerned with providing instruction for English language learners. A number of instructors are looking at an action research project geared towards establishing strategies of enhancing the way English language learners are taught. The action research project will describe a problem that is foreseen in relation to the identified topic, how it is known to be a problem, why it is significant to study this problem, the existing and pertinent strategies of enhancing the way English language learners are taught, and providing probable research questions that may help address the problem. This will involve learners in gathering data, analyzing data, communicating the findings, and applying this information to new situations. The instructors may carry out their instructions through the employment of technology to advance language learning. They may also employ online methods in their instructions. They may include email and instant messaging. Instant messaging enlisted the aid of negotiated meanings. This is where peers and learners comprehend things by modified interaction. Moreover, instructors can give assignments using specified applications, for example, powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel. They may also utilize software that contain speaking or listening element to advance oral language. Finally, the instructors can compare English language learners outcomes through the various instruction strategies (Tillotson, 2000). An Analysis of the problem Formulation An instructor of the English language learning prepares for an instruction by recognizing areas of the learners’ performance that require the most enhancements for them to be efficient in their learning. The instructor consults with colleagues and appraises individual and class performances in recent class activities. In the problem formulation phase, the investigator distinguishes what he is already aware of, based on the existing and pertinent strategies of enhancing the way English language learners are taught, what information they are still required to find out about the existing and pertinent strategies of enhancing the way English language learners are taught, and the comprehension of the vital variables impacting the situation. Moreover, it is essential that the research queries contain achievable outcomes and that the phenomenon falls within the scope of influence of the action research. Finally, there should both be a concern and interest in studying the existing and pertinent strategies of enhancing the way English language learners are taught (Noffke & Somekh, 2009). A Description of Data Collection Once the research problem has been identified, sets of data are collected to assist in determining the adequacy of the strategies that will be used in enhancing the current situation. In this phase of the process, action researchers are required to collect sets of data from a variety of probable sources. They should establish the sample of English language learners to be accessed, the length and scope of data collection, and the different forms of data that will be used to ensure the study is successful. The most significant sources of data for the research include existing sources, for example, archival evidence; tools for capturing everyday events, for example, videos of lessons, journals, logs, and photographs; tools for questioning English language learners, for example, focus groups, interviews, quizzes and tests, and written surveys; a pre and post-instruction learner questionnaire that measures learners’ attitudes towards learning the English language, preferred learning styles, and preferred instruction techniques; observational data are gathered throughout the English language learning; interviews are conducted with a sample of learners in the class; and a brief quiz is conducted to determine the learners’ conceptual understanding (James, Milenkiewicz & Bucknam, 2007). A Description of Data Analysis After the class information has been composed, the investigator analyzes the data, searching for correlations, patterns, significance, and trends in English language learning. Finally, conclusions are made, and views are given on the basis of that precise analysis. This phase of the process provides the most return. This is because significant details on how to enhance English language learning or deal with issues in English language learning are uncovered (Pine, 2008). A Description of Reporting Results Sharing of results occurs at this stage after an analysis of the class data. The sharing step guarantees that other people are aware of the results of the research on the existing and pertinent strategies of enhancing the way English language learners are taught within the school society as they can also gain from the information. This stage also promotes innovation and highlights the significance of continuous improvement efforts (Burns, 2007). A Description of Action Planning The gained information may be used to establish a new English language learning planning. This may include modifications in the existing assessment and teaching activities; changes in the current class room policies; and new methods for studying issues within English language learning (Tillotson, 2000). References Burns, D. (2007). Systemic action research: A strategy for whole system change. New York: Policy Press. James, E. A., Milenkiewicz, M. T., & Bucknam, A. (2007). Participatory action research for educational leadership: Using data-driven decision making to improve schools. California: Sage. Noffke, S., & Somekh, B. (2009). The SAGE handbook of educational action research. California: Sage. Pine, G. J. (2008). Teacher action research: Building knowledge democracies. California: Sage Publications. Tillotson, J. W. (2000). Studying the game: Action research in science education. Clearing House, 74(1), 31-34. Read More
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