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E-Learning/Geometry Shapes Lesson/Blog Entries - Assignment Example

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E-Learning/Geometry Shapes Lesson/Blog Entries E-Learning principles and E-Learning role to promote critical thinking skills E-Learning is the learning or teaching process that is done by the use of electronic media. This term is specifically used in the educational field…
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E-Learning/Geometry Shapes Lesson/Blog Entries
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Download file to see previous pages In most of the schools, e-learning is included in the curriculum. Basically, e-learning system is an IT based system. It has brought convenience to life and is less expensive. Now, there is no need to buy different books, as books are available online; similarly, students can collect information through several searching engines rather than buying newspapers. This technology also saves time and energy. Students who have health issues and cannot join school regularly can go for different distant learning programs; those who go to the educational centres, but are irregular due to health or other issues can receive help with the internet from their teacher or fellow students. There are various applications that can be used to communicate: Skype, MSN, yahoo, and the like. The schools which are technologically advanced record class sessions, and keep such video and audio data stored on their servers. This helps the students prepare themselves for the exams. Students who have less affordability level or skip classes for acceptable reasons can take the online classes. Numerous e-learning programs also offer online exams. E-learning is also helpful for those students who need extra guidance. For better preparation, students can simply explore the particular topic in the internet and get hundreds of online books, videos, and articles. The life has been made easier because of the implementation of e-learning in the education system. For instance, if there is a student in a class who is confused in math’s equation or formula, he or she can get the answer in just a few seconds over the internet. Let’s take another example of a student who missed the geometry class session due to an illness. IT based education system is the most significant blessing for him to get assistance – he or she can see videos on this particular topic, use forum discussions for further assistance, and explore the details on web pages. Research-based guidelines enhance learning E-learning plays a vital role in every field. Textbooks give limited information and limited pictures of any particular topic, but, if that same topic is explored over the internet, hundreds of links can provide relevant information – including thousands of pictures and videos – about that particular topic. If the topic mathematics is searched similarly, infinite information is available. Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is connected to the lengths, areas, and volumes. The main elements of geometry are shapes, positions, sizes, measurements, and properties of various figures. There are two types of geometry: plane and solid geometry. Plane geometry is concerned with the figures and shapes that can be drawn on a paper, and solid geometry is related to the three-dimensional objects. There are three basic shapes of geometry: triangle, circle, and square. While there are three main categories of shapes in geometry, the 1st category has different shapes, positions, and measurements of a triangle. All the shapes in this category have three corners. The 2nd category includes four cornered shapes called Quad laterals, and the 3rd category contains shapes with more than four corners – polygons. In the lesson, 19 names of the geometric shapes are given: right triangle, parallelogram, isosceles triangle, square, quadrilateral, acute triangle, triangle, equilateral triangle, polygon, trapezoid, rhombus, obtuse triangle, pentagon, heptagon, hexagon, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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