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To what extent does personality predicts employee performance - Essay Example

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As per Barrick & Mount (2005), many past empirical studies have found that employee personality traits impact job-associated behaviours and may impact the business value. When many past empirical studies have found that there exists linear relationship between employee…
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To what extent does personality predicts employee performance
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Extract of sample "To what extent does personality predicts employee performance"

Download file to see previous pages Le et al., (2011) found that there exists the curvilinear associations between personality traits, which include emotional stability, conscientiousness, job performance scopes, including counterproductive work behaviours, organisational citizenship behaviours , task performance and job performance (Le et al. 113).
By using this approach, the researchers study some features of personalities of different people, and then compare those people in an attempt to draw some conclusion about general rules about personality. Thus, this method involves assessing some interesting variable in a large group of individuals and then arrive out some general rules about personality. Thus, nomothetic approach can be used to find how heredity or genetic plays a pivotal role in job performance of an employee. However, nomothetic approach has some drawbacks. It is to be noted that extrapolations from group outcomes may not be applicable to an individual, and this may offer shallow understanding. (Ashton xxiii).
Psychologist like Erikson (1950) & Rogers (1959), Kelly (1963) gives a different explanation of personality as they visualise it from the interface with the environment and the impact of cultural and social processes. Thus, an individual’s personality is open to change and flexible, and each individual has a unique personality that cannot be grouped or classified into any classification.
This nurture approach to personality does not make itself to the measurement of personality, as each individual is considered to be unique. From the company point of view, it is less likely to form part of an evaluation process. Nonetheless, some organisations do use the concept of self-concept as part of their development and management training programmes, and it could form part of the performance management process, especially, if a 360-degree feedback approach is used (Smith , Farmer & Yellowley ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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