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It normally happens in a public event with the chancellor, distinguished guests and staff in attendance. Graduation can be referred to as a rite of…
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No Topic No Style No Sources
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Graduation takes it when learners have successfully finished their and are waiting to receive degrees and diploma. It normally happens in a public event with the chancellor, distinguished guests and staff in attendance. Graduation can be referred to as a rite of passage. This is because the participants undergo a transition to various levels throughout their lives. As Jeff Zucker once said, “it doesn’t matter if you accomplished your dreams or spent your entire life slumbering.” In life, everyone passes through graduation, it doesn’t have to be a high school or college graduation. For instance, as children, nature and nurture took its course by helping us graduate into reasonable and mature adults.
A famous psychologist, Carl Jung once wrote about the concept of collective unconsciousness. It involved having the same view and memory on certain matters that were fundamental to the society. This relates to graduation in that it is a present day representation of the collective memories. It drives us to the next chapter in our lives. Every graduation converts students into adults in preparation for their next step in life. The vision in every graduation is to instill proper values such critical thinking and fair judgment which prepare them face different challenges in life. Graduation is a happy day for the people involved because their hard work is appreciated and rewarded. Besides, the community still has a role to play in guiding and welcoming the new graduates. It is a historical day as the graduate is able to reflect on his achievements and smile about them. Graduation marks the date most people are molded into better human beings as compared to the beginning of their study. Read More
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No Topic No Style No Sources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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