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Key principles of learning: one good and one bad personal learning experience - Essay Example

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When we were in middle school the initial assessment of the students was based on interviewing the students regularly. The students were asked if the teaching imparted by the teachers was up to the mark or not. They were also asked and counseled for any personal problems that might be restricting their learning and grasping abilities.
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Key principles of learning: one good and one bad personal learning experience
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Download file to see previous pages This also gave the teacher an idea regarding the extent to which the students understood and comprehended the lessons.
The planning on the part of teachers involved preparation of notes. They also would read on various other interesting but related subjects because lectures in the classes were equally focused on general topics like new scientific developments that would come up in news channel broadcasts. This was a recommendation because students were supposed to know about the general happenings in the world. At the same time this would keep them focused and interested.
The resources available to the teachers included the school library and a reading room. In the library general books were available on various topics. The students were also encouraged to make use of the library and the reading room. For the students, illustrated books were available. The books were written in very much simple language style to ensure proper understanding of the contents.
The learning activities involved homework on some general topic that would not be covered by the prescribed syllabus and the recommended text books. This would prompt the students to search through other books or approach other people who had knowledge regarding the topic. This was done to ensure that the students get enough exposure to various other topics during the process of going through the books.
SpeakiSpeaking about a specific topic in front of the students in the class was another method of learning. This was done firstly to instill in the student the ability to speak on the stage. The second benefit of this method was that it helped the student in firmly grasping the concepts that he had come prepared for and delivered to the class. It also helped in rectifying some of the mistakes as the teacher would pin point them if found.
The teaching methods included lecture sessions, laboratory demonstrations and practical field work. In the lecture sessions use was made of teaching aids like models, charts and video demonstrations. Laboratory demonstrations included demonstration of laboratory equipment like microscopes, telescopes, etc. Field work consisted of taking the students to the nearby woods to show some plants and animals that are commonly found. For example when discussions in the class room were about fungus, the field work used to be demonstration of various mushrooms commonly found in the region.
Students were assessed by means of the homework that they completed. There also used to be periodic assignments which would be taken into consideration in the overall performance criteria.
Evaluating was done based on the end test which consisted of descriptive questions. The questions were of general nature and pertained more to the current developments. Overall evaluation would be done taking it into consideration. The learning environment was most apt as it created interest in the students for their future studies. Its aptness is also reflected by the fact that concepts learnt during middle school are remembered for much longer than those learnt during higher courses of study.
In high school the initial assessment of the students was based on an entrance test. Regular counseling of the students regarding personal problems was absent as the students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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