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Doctorate of Education in Learning Technologies - Personal Statement Example

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In light with the experience I have had in various learning settings as indicated in my Resume, it is indisputable to affirm that my vision pertaining to technology in learning and / or education settings revolves around the ability to have every student utilize various…
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Doctorate of Education in Learning Technologies
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"Doctorate of Education in Learning Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, these experts began referring to the then learning environment as traditional and as such wanted to supplement and enrich the environment with new ways that were meant to present learning content in a better, and advanced manner.
As such, exploration of the technology that was purposely meant for education pursuits suggested that it was possible for technology to teach. Further research affirmed that the process of learning comprised of the link between existing knowledge to knowledge that had newly been acquired through numerous conclusive professional adventures. As a result, the adventures suggested that technology was better placed in facilitating learning, presenting new knowledge and supporting the task of making connections between the known and the unknown. It is for undoubted reasons that educational technologies today, are continually expected and demanded as essential components in the modern classroom. As such, the professional relationship between teachers and students in reference to educational technology has gained continuous passion although it has both pros and cons.
Apparently, the inception and rise of the Internet in several parts around the globe especially during and after the World War II has exposed the efficiency of technology in learning facilities through the delivery of necessary content because experts have continually argued that individuals learn best through experience. Similarly, learning success relies on the quality of the presented content and the instruction strategies that have been employed in the presentation. For instance, Scholar Thomas Edison predicted that there would come a time when books in learning facilities would be replaced with motion pictures as the teaching medium. Although the prediction did not come to pass, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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