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Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) - Essay Example

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The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA); founded in 1946 by a small group of pharmaceutical manufacturers who recognized the need for an organization to circulate technical information within the industry; is a global provider of science, technology and regulatory information and…
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Parenteral Drug Association (PDA)
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PDA has contributed and played a huge role in providing knowledge for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. It has worked towards increasing the individual’s professional knowledge and abilities. PDA publishes the consensus document called PDA’s technical report on the issues where little or no technical guidance exist , its two major membership publications are; the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and the PDA Letter, it also publishes the PDA’s newest membership publication, International Pharmaceutical Quality (IPQ). (PDA Annual report 2007). Apart from this it regularly conducts seminars, conferences and workshops which are designed, developed and executed in the way that they provide ample information regarding professional knowledge and abilities. It holds conferences on topics related to pharmacy, microbiology, quality systems, management etc. In 2007 it published 3 of the technical reports as supplement to PDA journal;
PDA has contributed many valuable books to the PDA/Davis health care (DHI) publishing library from where people could get access to them easily. The PDA journal has imposed two important students outreach programs; firstly the student research symposium at the PDA 2007 annual meeting and second being the doctoral program which provides funds for the partial support of four graduate students pursuing doctoral research at various universities. To provide a sound professional knowledge the PDA letter also has articles of many industry experts regarding different issues and topics like;
“Articles of Interest to the Microbiologist: A Review of microbiology-related research published in volume 60 (2006) by Scott Sutton, PhD, Vectech Pharmaceutical Consultants, low energy electron beam applications in aseptic filling operations by Cilag and Ike Harper, Johnson & Johnson”(PDA 2007, 8).
PDA has launched a number of student programs to promote learning and research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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