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Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime - Assignment Example

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This paper “Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime” will assess the argument by providing a legitimate discussion of both aspects of drug legalization as it harbors or mitigates criminal activity. The author finds out the correlation between drug usage and criminal activity…
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Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime
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Extract of sample "Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Parties happening at night, raves, and concerts are a few places where the demand for drugs among the youth is particularly high. But while legal sanctions on the sale and possession of drugs exist, underground cartels continue to operate and trade illegal drugs to young individuals. Medical doctors and science professionals disregard the use of drugs due to its adverse impact on health and well being. Excessive drug usage leads to addiction, a condition that is considered damaging for brain functioning and may lead to mental illnesses (Horn 2008, 7). Yet the illegal drug business seems to be expanding at an alarming rate despite the presence of legal derivatives. Advocates of drug legalization argue that the criminalization of drugs has spurred illegal and shady activities thereby harboring the strengthening of drug cartels and their illegal and criminal activities (Simpson 2013, 4; Goode 1989). If only drugs were legalized, then all the hidden criminal activities would halt on its own. This paper will assess the argument by providing a legitimate discussion of both aspects of drug legalization as it harbors or mitigates criminal activity.
A great deal of literature and scholarly work has been done to find out the correlation between drug usage and criminal activity. Policymakers and governments have, in particular, been keen on investigated the relationship between the two variables in order to implement more effective legal statutes and policies that help mitigate the criminal factor while at the same time reducing illegal drug usage. The term “drugs” encompasses a wide range of substances, mainly including but not limited to marijuana, cannabis, amphetamines, heroin, and so on (Bean 2014, 1). The discussion surrounding the drug and crime relationship mainly addresses the degree of drug offenses, drug offenders, and their links with drug-related crimes which itself ranges. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime Assignment.
(Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime Assignment)
Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime Assignment.
“Drugs Should Be Legalized, in Order to Reduce Crime Assignment”.
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‘This means buyers and sellers cannot resolve their disputes with lawsuits, arbitration or advertising, so they resort to violence instead’ (Miron, 2009). This led Miron to controversially conclude ‘the only way to reduce violence is to legalize drugs’. I aim to discuss arguments supporting the controlled legalization drugs. ‘The legalization of drugs would massively reduce organized crime’ (Micklethwart, 1994). Legalization wouldn’t mean the existing ‘evil drug pushers’ controlling the market. Instead, official legal businesses (e.g. cigarette companies) would take control of the drug industry. ‘The number of drug related murders would fall because turf battles would be settled by law instead of gun fire and corruption/blackmail...
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... who oppose the legalization of drugs contend that legalization would increase the availability of drugs, which would considerably escalate crime and violence. On the other hand the proponents of drug legalization argue that the war on drugs has ended in a fiasco. Such legalization would transform what is now a law and order problem into a health problem (Price). As such, it is the considered opinion of the opponents of legalization of drugs that drug legalization would result in an increase in the number of drug users. On the other hand, once drugs are legalized, the government could raise huge amounts as revenue, via the taxation of drugs. Such amounts could be utilized for treating drug addiction. In addition, the vast sums, of the order...
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... Review of the Aricle “Drugs and Crime” Nordstrom, Benjamin R. and , Charles A .Dackis. "Drugs and Crime." Journal of Psychiatry & Law 39.4 (2011): 25. The selection of this article was motivated by the fact that of late drug usage has been associated with the crimes. Following this, most of the journals have been published relating the use of drugs and their contribution to criminal activities in various places. It was then interesting to review this journal, which also attempts to give the connection of the two in terms of specific connection of human suffering and financial constrains linked with the use of drugs. The maneuvers made by the drug dealers in compromising authorities to remain in business are also an interesting feature...
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On the other hand, those who violently oppose the legalization of all drugs contend that legalization would actually make “harmful, psychoactive, and addictive substances affordable, available, convenient, and marketable. It would expand the use of drugs. It would remove the social stigma attached to illicit drug use, and would send a message of tolerance for drug use, especially to youth” (Drug Watch International, 2001, par. 1). The current discourse hereby asserts that all drugs should be legalized to eradicate the costs of prohibition, to lower its prices, and to minimize repercussive violence that results from illegal trade and criminal activities that ensue from the sale and use. At the current status of governmental polici...
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... Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Legalized? Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized. Athletes will continue to use them no matter how stringent the rules are in banning them or how severe the penalty in punishing those who are caught using them. Athletes will not stop using them just because they are not legal. They will just become sophisticated in hiding the use of performance enhancing drugs to avoid detection. Athletes are very competitive and they will always seek for ways to improve their performance whatever it takes and that includes taking performance enhancing drugs. Using drugs to cheat in sport is not new. It is just becoming more effective that makes it more attractive to athletes. The International Amateur...
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Drugs and Crime: The Relationship between Drugs and Crime in the United s There appears to be a significant link between drugs and crime in theUnited States. For example, most police officers will tell you that 80 percent of rape cases in the United States are drug and alcohol related. When people are using drugs, they do things they would not normally do in their right minds. That includes the commission of crimes. The research question proposed is: What is the relationship between drugs and crime in the United States
The purpose of the research question is to determine how drugs and crime are related. If drugs are eliminated, will crime suddenly decrease dramatically Furthermore, the answering of this question can help...
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... cannot generate legally” (Boyum). This addiction has been linked to an increase in crime not just from the cartels working together to increase smuggling and fighting against each other to protect their markets, but also from the users who work themselves into positions where they cannot obtain adequate employment to support their habit and turn to crime to meet their needs. With the introduction of drugs at this volume, both national and state governments began adopting new laws that made drug trafficking less desirable (Montaldo). It was thought that by doing things such as making jail terms mandatory for those in possession of illegal drugs, less Americans would be tempted into the trade, but such does not appear to be the case...
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... to young users to get them hooked. It will be a poor example to see young children copying the examples of adults who are legally using drugs. Bennett disputes Vidal’s view that legalization will reduce crime. This is because many drug related crimes occur every year. Drugs make the users highly unstable and unpredictable. This will be the case when the drugs are available off the shelf. The behavior of users will not be contained, and the crime rate will increase. Bennett refutes the view that drug users only harm themselves, and therefore drugs should be legalized. This is because the substance use unpredictability makes the individual harm the people around him or her. Murders are committed in drug related feuds, and mothers leave...
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... to threat other individuals and extort money from them. If a victim has no gun or other weapon in his or her possession, it will be impossible to protect him/herself and defend his/her rights. Authorities should implement compulsory and thorough inspections for people who want to buy weapon. According to Kelling and Corbett (2003), effective law enforcement will enable preventing crimes rather than solving them post factum. This means that effective gun control can contribute to establishing peace in societies and preventing violent crimes. The government must hold accountability for guns it gives into possession to people and greatly reduce the category of citizens entitled to have a gun in order to ensure peaceful life for the people...
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