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Jeffery Miron, an economist, claims that ‘over the past few years, drug violence in Mexico has become a fixture of the daily news, in which thousands have lost their lives to this ‘’war on drugs’’’…
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Legalizing drugs
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"Legalizing drugs"

Download file to see previous pages ‘This means buyers and sellers cannot resolve their disputes with lawsuits, arbitration or advertising, so they resort to violence instead’ (Miron, 2009). This led Miron to controversially conclude ‘the only way to reduce violence is to legalize drugs’. I aim to discuss arguments supporting the controlled legalization drugs. ‘The legalization of drugs would massively reduce organized crime’ (Micklethwart, 1994). Legalization wouldn’t mean the existing ‘evil drug pushers’ controlling the market. Instead, official legal businesses (e.g. cigarette companies) would take control of the drug industry. ‘The number of drug related murders would fall because turf battles would be settled by law instead of gun fire and corruption/blackmail/bribes by drug dealers to judges, government officials and the police, etc would diminish’ (Micklethwart, 1994). Cussen and Block (2000) also claim that the price of drugs could fall if they are made legal due to increased competition amongst drug companies, which could reduce theft, and murder rates among addicts in order to get their next ‘fix’ because they wouldn’t need as much money to afford them. The increased availability of drugs could therefore decrease drug-related crime. Drug revenues of cartels (often international organisations which support terrorism and add to violent crime) could also diminish due to drug revenues being increasingly distributed by free-market forces (Cussen and Block, 2000). On the whole, crime figures would reduce dramatically as formerly illegal activities become ‘socially approved business transactions (Cussen and Block, 2000: 528). ...
However, when prohibition ended, alcohol related crime decreased. The same scenario could happen if drugs were legalized too. The legalization of drugs could also stop the ‘potency effect’, which is best summarized with the example of prohibition. During this time, the sellers would sell alcohol with higher alcoholic concentrations (higher potency) because ‘hard liquors’ had greater value (per unit of volume) (Cussen and Block, 2000). This resulted in people drinking alcohol with higher concentrations such as vodka, which, when drunk excessively is more dangerous than beer and wine. The same ‘potency effect’ can also be applied to today’s drug trade, in which dealers carry more potent drugs (which are also the most dangerous to consume, e.g. cocaine) due to their greater monetary value. I believe the ‘potent effect’ of drugs could be reduced is they were legalized. A legalized drug trade could also save taxpayers money. For example, in the UK, drug related crime costs the state department ?16 billion a year. Easton (2009) estimated that a regulated drug market for cocaine and heroin would see ?7 billion worth of savings due to savings in the cost of drug crime. ‘Jails are also often overcrowded and large amounts of tax payers dollars are being spent on enforcement efforts that only aggravate the problem’ (Cussen and Block, 2000: 532). Legalizing drugs could therefore cut the costs, not only of the consequences of addicts’ habits, but also for tax payers. Legalizing drugs would also mean that they could be taxed like alcohol and cigarettes, which would provide the state with a new substantial form of revenue which could outweigh related expenditure / costs, occurred onto ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legalization of Drugs: Causes and Effects
One such controversial topic is the legalization of drugs; though marijuana is the most common drug often fought for to be legalized, this issue addresses all drugs. Drugs have long since proven to be dangerous to the mental, emotional, and physical qualities of individuals, which is why they are illegal throughout the United States and in many other countries. However, in recent years, the protests in favor of legalizing drugs have strengthened, with proponents claiming that legalizing drugs can cause a decrease in drug use and an increase in the world economy.
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Outline Introduction An Argument against Decriminalizing or Legalizing Drugs History of US Drug Laws Current Fallout from Drug Laws - Why we need to Decriminalize/Legalize Hard Drugs Proposed Changes, Alternatives or Modifications to the Current System Examination of Successful Programs Elsewhere Conclusion Introduction In the United States, there is much debate about whether or not to decriminalize drugs.
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The Paper Tiger Reasons for Legalizing Drugs
Many of the advocates for the legalization of drugs are thoughtful people that make a convincing argument if their statements go unexamined. However, when scrutinized, the case for legalizing drugs is a thin facade based on faulty reasoning. Most of the case made for legalization rests on the issues of ethics, control, crime, and cost. Legalization advocates distort these issues and as Bennett says, "They are, at bottom, a series of superficial and even disingenuous ideas that more sober minds recognize as a recipe for a public policy disaster" (P8).
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If drugs were legalized, would law enforcement agencies benefit
The key argument behind the call for legalizing drugs is that the “War on Drugs” crackdown since 1979 has failed to make any dent in the percentage of drug abuse among the citizens of the United States of America (U.S.A).
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Legalizing marijuana
anticipated, the war on drugs has instead served to heighten violence, contribute to the development of organised crime, fill the prison system past capacity, consume large amounts of capital and has still had very little effect on the availability of these drugs or the numbers
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A case for Legalizing Marijuana
To boost my skills and knowledge regarding marijuana, I will attend various informative meetings on drug abuse, specifically on marijuana use and its effects on the human body. Brief History of Marijuana Ban According to the US Weapon, the drug was termed illegal from the early 1990s, but after the adoption of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, being in possession of marijuana was termed as a crime (1).
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Legalizing Performance Enhancing Drugs
There are two sides to the debate, both with their respective arguments that are equally non-refutable. This makes it even more difficult to arrive at a conclusion on whether legalization of drugs is fair and possible.
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Legalization of Drugs
This paper will evaluate the positions of the proponents of legalization of these drugs as well as positions of those against the topic. Legalization of Drugs Introduction The issue of legalization of illegal drugs has been a heated debate for the past decades. It is apparent that this topic has contentious issues attached to it, since; it affects both the users of these drugs and society as a whole both negatively and positively.
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Should All Drugs Be Legalized
In the Debate.com website, it was revealed that more than74% responded in the affirmative to the question: ‘should all drugs be legalized?”; while only a meager 26% responded negatively (Debate.com, 2013). The major reasons of advocates for its legalization range from it being the most promising move to prevent drug abuse, eroding the black market for trade of illegal drugs, and asserting that prevention of legalization is more costly.
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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Drugs
This is because when an individual or people are under drugs’ influence, they can rarely perform up to the expected standards. The economic growth of the country starts retarding and the growth curve starts behaving abnormally.
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