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Los Zetas Drug cartel as an Explanation of Marginalization and Violence in Mexican Politics - Research Paper Example

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One of the most powerful modern drug cartels in the world is the Los Zetas. Los Zetas, which is found in Mexico, has widespread influence on the drug business in Mexico and the US…
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Los Zetas Drug cartel as an Explanation of Marginalization and Violence in Mexican Politics
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"Los Zetas Drug cartel as an Explanation of Marginalization and Violence in Mexican Politics"

Download file to see previous pages Los Zetas operates successfully as a criminal gang due to its affiliation to powerful politicians in the provinces that it controls. The influence of drug cartels in Mexican politics is historical with wide ramifications on the people of the area. Los Zetas explains the historical and current trend of marginalization, violence, corruption and influence of illegal drugs on Mexican politics. This people will discuss by giving illustrations on how Los Zetas explains marginalization, violence, corruption and illegal drugs influence in Mexican politics. Background of Los Zetas Los Zetas started as security group for the top members of the gulf cartel in 1999. The founding members of Los Zetas were fourteen former Mexican Special forces who offered security services for the Gulf cartel, which is considered the most notorious drug cartel in Mexican history. Osiel Cardenas Guillen who was a member of the gulf cartel since the Mid 90’s founded Los Zetas. With the help of three Military personnel, Guillen managed to consolidate himself as the kingpin of the group on the Mexican gulf through the elimination of his rivals in the Gulf cartel. The ruthless and professionalism of the group made it easy for Guillen to effectively scare and take over the territories of his enemies. By 2004, Guillen had been captured and his main bodyguard Arturo Guzman had been killed. The remaining members of the group took over the reins but with Guillen still controlling the group. Accusations of Guillen and Los Zetas being protected by powerful politicians in the state of Tamaulipas has always been considered as one of the reason that made it easy for Guillen to operate easily in the gulf of Mexico. ...
Los Zetas transformed itself into a full drug cartel with the weakening of the Gulf cartel and the ascendancy of Heriberto Lazcano who was a founding member of the security group. Los Zetas success is attributed to the disintegration of the Gulf cartel. By 2010, Los Zetas had fully made itself independent from the gulf cartel and with Lazcano as its head, furthermore, the group recruited its members from states as far as Texas in the US and in Guatemala. it increased its financial base from being simply a drug cartel, into assassins for hire, running prostitution rings, casinos, music piracy, controlling the mining industry and even working as muscles for some politicians. Currently, Los Zetas and its allies face the rivalry from the Sinaola cartel, which is the other powerful cartel in Mexico. Areas that Los Zetas controls Los Zetas is considered a newer drug cartel compared to its rivals. It is estimated that los Zetas controls 11 states or more in Mexico. Apart from Mexico, Los Zetas can be found actively in Texas and in Guatemala. The drug cartel is considered the biggest one in geographical terms when compared to the Siniola drug cartel, which is the chief rival of the group. Los Zetas is found in states such as Nuevo Laredo, Coahuila, tabasco, Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan, Chiapas, Guerrero, Michoacan, Oacxaca and even parts of Mexico City. The group has become ruthless because of its ability to recruit corrupt members of the police force. The group is also known to have training camps where members of Guatemala military train new recruits. All those happens even in the presence of elected government, judicial and police officials. Marginalization as a cause of thriving of Los Zetas success In order to understand the success of Los ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Los Zetas Drug Cartel As an Explanation of Marginalization and Research Paper.
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