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Learning Diary: a Change Is as Good as a Rest - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Learning Diary: a Change Is as Good as a Rest” the author provides the documented three days from his everyday life and learning. He had an opportunity to observe a new method of changing the habit, to feel like a clothes critic and to commit a successful attempt to escape…
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Learning Diary: a Change Is as Good as a Rest
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Extract of sample "Learning Diary: a Change Is as Good as a Rest"

Download file to see previous pages It might seem that my sufferings finally ended, but electricity in my home preferred not to make me happy with its presence, so some candles that were quite cautiously bought by my father and laid in my table were of great use. This kind of the light, I call it the greenest light, was a bit unusual that day, as electricity shut down at least two months ago last time. This change was not the only one which persuaded me that day.
I cannot say that I like sharp changes in something, for example, style, dressing, look, but there are things that can give a striking impulse to rapid and long-term, if not forever, positive changes in habits. Everybody is told by his or her parents that it is very bad to leave rubbish around rather than throwing it out into the appropriate places, but in fact very many people, looking very respectable and well-off, often allow themselves to throw a little piece of paper, a candy wrapper or any other micro-rubbish just from the window of their car or while cleaning the pockets of their jackets. They, maybe, think that it is not a big crime to leave just a little peace, but they definitely do not think that many people think and do the way they do – what if, say, 1000 people do the same every day. While coming back home, I was very happy to witness a young family teaching their child to avoid such destructive behavior – I really consider it to be destructive: today one throws a piece of paper, tomorrow he is quite able to leave a can with toxic waste right on the road! – in an unusual and original way. The mother pointed at people that she saw left rubbish, and the father put the digits down in his notebook, the rubbish quantity, I suppose. On the other page, there were digits, as I understood, with such actions from the side of their child, and they compared these digits and made conclusions.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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