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Placement Experience and Personal and Professional Development - Essay Example

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The paper "Placement Experience and Personal and Professional Development" tells about company Hino Travel Limited that is the first of its kind in the tourism industry that offers superior quality leisure travel service to Chinese students and business travellers in the United Kingdom…
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Placement Experience and Personal and Professional Development
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, I was also assigned with the responsibility to handle queries of customers who are already in the middle of a tour or those who are about to go on a tour. Queries were mostly related to payment, travel tickets, travel documents, immigration and local guidance. My duty was also to process the queries and delegate them to my superiors in cases where handling those queries were beyond my capability as well as authority.
Another major responsibility was to notify clients of any modifications in the tour plans and other updates related to date of departure and arrival (such as, notifying any flight postponement or delay). Alongside that, my job role required me to gather feedback from our customers regarding quality of products and services offered by us. Thereafter, I was supposed to deliver the feedback to my superiors as well as manager in order for them to identify area of strengths and improvements. Lastly, I provided assistance to my manager so as to finish the day’s task.
Being the sales representative in Hino Travel Limited, my major responsibility was to attend customers who come for consultancy and provide them with all necessary information regarding products and services that we had to offer. In such a situation I had to use my presentation skills combined with a positive attitude in order to persuade them to choose the deals that we had on offer. I was able to do so by developing an exhaustive picture of needs and expectations of the customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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