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Professional Objectives and Interests - Personal Statement Example

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The world has been transformed into a global village with the evolution of new technologies and the introduction of innovative ideas and field of work. One needs to cope up with the pace of life so as to progress accordingly. For this it is necessary to advance in every field of life, most importantly it is necessary to be aware of the new technologies and techniques that are being introduced in the professional area…
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Professional Objectives and Interests
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Extract of sample "Professional Objectives and Interests"

PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVES AND INTERESTS and Section # of The world has been transformed into a global village with the evolution of new technologies and the introduction of innovative ideas and field of work. One needs to cope up with the pace of life so as to progress accordingly. For this it is necessary to advance in every field of life, most importantly it is necessary to be aware of the new technologies and techniques that are being introduced in the professional area. I have previously performed the task of stacking and declaring goods in the brewery. My future interest is to work in the administrative department of the same company. For this I would like to convey my professional objectives and interests.
My first and foremost objective is to direct a positive change, a change that is designed to support the interests of the employees, working in a particular organization. My secondary interest would be to strengthen my leadership abilities so that I can lead and administer my subordinates. Sharpening of the existing skills is a very important factor and I would like to focus my attention to it. Apart from this I would be more interested in acquiring new skills by attending seminars, certification programs etc and meeting new people who are associated with this profession. Working for a project will prove to be very fruitful in order to enhance my entrepreneur abilities and motivate my dedication. Networking is considered to be a very essential factor. Relationship with the professional contacts is very valuable for the advancement of career and learning new techniques. I would make it a point to attend functions and monthly events so as to be in close contact with the administrative professionals.
The interests that need to be developed in order to become a good administrator are to have effective leadership qualities. An impressive personality proves to be very helpful when it comes to lead and administer people. My area of interest would be to work on the enhancement of these two traits. My interest would be towards introducing innovative ideas in the organization and make sure that they are followed. This would help my organization to progress and business to prosper. Project management is one of the most important tasks that need to be carried out by the administrator. For this it is necessary that the right information and knowledge resides with the administrator. I would make attempts to increase my information about the current issues. A planner needs to be in practice so that all the activities and projects take place at the right time and in the perfect manner. I would make sure that all the assistants are helped out in case of any problem which might hinder the progress of the organization. All the dealings and correspondences will be equally dealt with, without any discrimination. The last and the most important factor which makes a difference is the attitude of the administrator himself. I would definitely strive to maintain a flexible and enthusiastic attitude while performing my daily tasks.
I would be looking forward to working in the administrative department of your organization simultaneously striving to improve my skills. I am eager to learn more and gain further knowledge. Kindly acknowledge my objectives. Read More
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Professional Objectives and Interests Personal Statement.
“Professional Objectives and Interests Personal Statement”, n.d.
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