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Autobiography - Personal Statement Example

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Personal autobiography Name: Course: Date: Date: Introduction According to Erik Erickson’s model of psychosocial development, a person’s personality develops through a chain of phases. The theory holds that social experiences influence a person’s personality, all through their lives (Allen & Marotz, 2003)…
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Download file to see previous pages Stages of development, the struggles experienced and areas requiring further development During my infancy stage (birth to 18 months of age) During my infancy stage, the most important event for a child is eating and experiencing the care, the affection and the reliability offered by others (Allen & Marotz, 2003). During that stage, considering that I lived at the countryside of Poland, I got used to living with my mother and not my father. During that stage, my father was working at a neighboring urban center, as a company machine operator. Due to the continuous exposure to my mother’s affection and care, I developed a major sense of trust for women, particularly mothers (Berk, 2012). On the other hand, due to the limited interactions with my father as well as other adult men, mainly because our home is distant from other rural homes, I developed a sense of mistrust for adult men. This stage was one of the difficult stages of my life, because I only had my mother play an important role in my socialization (McLead, 2009). The difficulty can be supported by Piaget’s views on child development, which states that at this stage, the egocentric nature of the child seeks attention, affection and care, which I did not get from my father (Mayer, 2005). ...
For example, before I learnt to use my in-house toilette, she would require me to use it even at times when I did not need to relieve myself (Berk, 2012). During the different cases when I showed that I understood the importance of doing things right – including using the toilette – she would applaud me and show her appreciation. The positive encouragement and rewards facilitated my learning of right and wrong behaviors, and in many cases, I could avoid the bad, totally. Different from the case of my mother, I had a different experience with my father – noting that I had earlier developed a sense of mistrust due to his absence and his inability to show me care and affection. In the case of my father, he often scolded me whenever he saw me doing something wrong, therefore, increased the sense of mistrust, and widened the gap between us. For example, during one time, he saw me touching a neighbor’s dog, and unlike my mother, he scolded me harshly and compelled me to wash my hands. Following that experience and other similar ones, I felt that my father triggered feelings of shame, doubt and insecurity in me, unlike my mother who seemed to nurture my independence and autonomy (Berk, 2012). This stage of development was also marked by difficulties, noting that at this stage, a child regards their perspective as the only one which is right. For example, after my father scolded me without showing regard for my point of view, I felt shame and that triggered a sense of insecurity at home, especially when he was at home (Mayer, 2005). The Preschool stage (3 to 5 years) During The Preschool stage (6 to 11 years) which is attributed to the development of feelings of guilt and initiative through exploration, I found my mother and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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magalihowell added comment 5 months ago
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I had an issue with a personal statement types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular document. Even though "Autobiography" is far from my studies, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.



... was reflecting on my past experiences to write this autobiography, I realized that I was truly fortunate to grow up in an environment that was very supportive and nurturing. I feel that my parents played the most important role in my life as they provided a loving and nurturing environment for me and my brother. Their involvement in my life helped me to learn to trust and gain confidence in them and my environment as a whole, during my early years of childhood. This was the strong foundation that helped me to move successfully through each of the eight phases of social skills development that was identified by Erikson in his theory of psychosocial development. I strongly feel that both parents and teachers have important roles... Erikson’s...
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