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Explain what managing human resources means - Essay Example

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It deals entirely responsible for the process of employing, training and all human resource issues affecting employees. HRM plays an important role in ensuring quality of workforce.
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Explain what managing human resources means
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Download file to see previous pages ty of employees ensures that an organization has diverse and has a useful knowledge base to ensure that the company puts a competitive edge to her competitors. Diversity in an organization can be achieved by ensuring that the employees and other staff working within and throughout an organization are a representation of the wider society.
Human resource management (HRM) is the unit within an organization that deals with the workforce. It can be said to be the process of managing the workforce of an organization. It provides guidelines on how people are to work. An effective HRM ensure that the workforce is effective and productive for the overall accomplishment of the objective and goals of an organization (Bell, 2011 p. 30). It helps in full utilization of employees through a comprehensive and strategic management of the people as well as the working environment. An organization relies on good HRM to have a strong and effective team of employees. HRM aims at ensuring that the company remains loyal to the employees by making them feel the job there are doing is part of their personal life. Research has shown that HRM is the heartbeat of any organization; over eighty percent of the company success is attributed from the activities and skills of human resources. These activities include how the company attracts employees, how it trains and develops them and finally how effective is it in retaining the quality workforce. HRM helps the organization create a good environment for employees to work in as well as ensure there is respect and dignity between employer and employees.
The main responsibility of HRM in an organization whether small or large corporate bodies is the welfare of the workforce. It must ensure that there is relatively low turnover of employees as this make the company waste a lot of resources ad can even lead to stagnated growth in case of a technical organization. It inspires and motivates employees to reduce turnover. This could be through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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