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Human Resource Policy Author Institution Human Resource Policy Introduction Doctors and health workers face a wide range of occupational hazards, which jeopardize their own safety and the safety of the patients who come to the hospital to seek treatment. These hazards in this occupation may be aggravated by the fact that doctors and health practitioners handle a lot of sharp objects, which can accidentally pierce the skin and cause infection…
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Human Resource Policy
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will explore the policies that govern the proper use and disposal of needles and sharp objects in hospitals or nursing homes. #1 The human resource policy describes the rules that are formal and guidelines, which organizations employ to hire, reward, assess and train individuals who join the workforce of the enterprise or organization. When these policies are disseminated and organized in a form that can be comprehended and utilized easily, they can preempt numerous misunderstandings that emerge between employers and employees (Delpo, 2000). These misunderstandings can emanate from the infringement of the rights of employees by employers or ignorance of the responsibilities and duties of the employees in the business premises. In most cases, the policy of a business is written on a paper in a formal way to ensure that every employee gets access to the policies when they sign job contracts in the business. Further, written policies can be employed with extreme consistency and accuracy, and they ensure that the business is run in a consistent way with consistent decisions. Moreover, the policies of the human resource can save the company in case of a law suit, which could unearth the issues of employee’s rights and the interests of the business. Unless the business organization has clearly written human resource policies and laws, then the business will suffer from the law suit. Respect to the human resource policies is the core objectives of every worker, especially those who work in hospitals and nursing homes. It has become evident that these policies govern the association between the employee and the employer, and any breach in the contractual performance of duties will result to detrimental challenges (Storey, 2007). The workers in the nursing homes should respect the agreement that they had with their employer, and perform their duties to the expected standards without compromise. #2 The perspective of the roles of human resources depends with the person asked and the experiences of that person with the human resources. Further, the degree of interaction that an individual has experienced with the human resources can also influence the response that one gives regarding the question of the roles and processes (Delpo, 2000). Human resource represents policies and views of the organization, as well as the traditions and the culture that the organization wishes to instill, adopt and empower. In this position, human resources enhance the reputation of the company and the employer (Mathis, 2011). For instance, human resources ensure that the information about the company is not exposed during recruitment and enrolment of employees. In addition, human resources ensure that employees work towards the attainment of the organizational objectives. Furthermore, human resources provide an avenue for employees to air their grievances or seek an arbitrator to mediate the issues and challenges that face employees at the work place. The interests of the employees are represented by this department, though the department cannot skip the constraints that the organization sets. #3 Job analysis describes the process used in the determination of the requirements of work or task and duties of that job. Further, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Policy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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