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The paper examines three fundamental components of performance appraisal and performance management as an essential component of human resource management. Performance management is a critical aspect of strategic human resource management. Its predecessor, performance appraisal was somewhat isolated. …
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Performance management and strategic human resource management
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The paper identifies that total performance management is a means of linking up a firm's strategic goals and strategic human resource goals with the actual performance of members of the organisation. This is done through the creation of metrics that reflect the realities of the firm's strategic plans and its implications in reality. Performance management is different from performance appraisal because the latter is an isolated process that does not integrate elements of the firm's strategy. The research studies the linkage between strategic human resource management and corporate strategy. It establishes that performance indicators set in the strategic plan forms the impetus for performance management. And this includes the direct targets and expectations of the human resource management unit and component. The study also concludes that workers are essential in all performance management processes and drives. Workers need to be given important information and sensitization before performance management processes commence. Once it is done, workers must be made to give their feedback on how to improve the system and enhance the processes. This enables a firm to attain optimal and improved results from their performance management processes and systems.
Performance management is a critical aspect of strategic human resource management. Its predecessor, performance appraisal was somewhat isolated. However, performance management is born out of strategic human resource management. Strategic human resource management is defined as an approach to human resource management that has the goal of using people most wisely with respect to the strategic needs of the organisation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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