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In order to improve workforce efficiency while managing the possible impact of organisational changes to employees, proposed measures under the headings of “Workforce Planning” and “Changes to Working Practices and Arrangements” are included in the 2010 report for…
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Critically examine the measures in the detailed case study
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Download file to see previous pages Also, as a way of increasing cost savings while not sacrificing the morale, loyalty and motivation of employees, they are given various opportunities for a more flexible work schedules and arrangements to suit their career growth and development needs.
Under the heading of “Workforce Planning”, important measures given emphasis on by the proposed measures involve the management of planned retirements in relation to the expected high retirement rates within the next 10 or more years. However, grants for allowing temporary retention of employees aged 64 are still allowable under certain circumstances in order for them to enter into a state of transition prior to fully retiring from the workforce. In relation to this measure, while there are no prohibitions to the retention or the rehiring of employees beyond their retirement ages, due to the need for a career succession in hopes of adding contributors of new ideas or innovations to the organisation as well as to allow the career growth of the remaining 65% of the workforce there will be a prioritisation of opening positions in the upper rung of the corporate ladder, with exceptions to certain positions related to advisory councils or organisational consultants. It is also proposed that aside from vertical realignment of positions there will also be possible redeployment in line with the need to change how the whole organisation functions upon the retirement of 35% of the workforce. Thus instead of hiring new employees to fill in the jobs, there will be a greater focus on retraining employees to be more flexible in their jobs to meet the needs of the organisation, thereby decreasing the odds of redundancy within the next few years. To prevent any violation of contracts or other prior agreements it is proposed that negotiations and consultations are done between trade unions and the council, with assistance from human resources.
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