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For the whole of this semester, I have been one of the students who never missed any of the lessons and I have always given full attention to my lecturer while in class. In my entire academic life, I have always been a serious student often attending my classes early and sitting…
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Evaluation of my level of participation in My Participation in and the Reasons for Participation
For the whole of this semester, I have been one of the students who never missed any of the lessons and I have always given full attention to my lecturer while in class. In my entire academic life, I have always been a serious student often attending my classes early and sitting at the front rows so as to increase my chances of grasping everything the lecturer teaches. This has been very fruitful since it has helped me pass my grades and proceed with my academic life without any deterrence as my whole focus and attention is always on school work. In class, I also make sure that I participate in discussions and in answering questions raised by the lecturer in the process of teaching. Where I do not understand something the lecturer has taught, I also make a point of asking for clarification as this is very important in that it helps me grasp difficult concepts in class making it easier for me to go back and read further about them in my free time.
Over the years, I have learnt to appreciate the importance of attending classes and being attentive when the lecturer is teaching. I have learnt that it is easier to grasp difficult concepts in class from the lecturer than going to read about them from text books. This is due to the fact that it is easier to remember what you hear someone else saying than to remember what you read from a textbook. I therefore prefer to sit in class, listen and participate when the lecturer is teaching than sitting long hours in the library or in my study room trying to read difficult concepts alone. I therefore make sure that I attend all the lectures in time and this particular class has not been an exception.
Another reason why I have been attending all my classes and being attentive is due to the fact that I find it irresponsible to skip classes and yet I have paid school fees for the same. I therefore find it necessary and satisfying to go to class and listen as the lecturer teaches since it makes me feel that I have utilised my tuition fees for a good purpose. Skipping classes or attending class and not being attentive is a waste of time and money and I find it wrong. The whole of this semester I have always given my full attention to this class so as to avoid wastage of time and the money I have paid for tuition.
One other very important reason why I have been attending my classes without fail is so as to ensure that I increase my chances of passing the final examination. Listening to the lecturer in class ensures that you pick up the important things that he/she stresses on and read about them later. In most cases, some of the issues that the lecturer stresses upon in class normally appear in the final examination clearly showing the importance of attending class and being attentive. According to Moore (2003), “more than 90% of students in introductory science classes know on the first day of classes that they have a better chance of receiving a higher grade if they regularly attend class”. This clearly shows that attending classes without fail has a significant influence on the final grade that one scores in the final examination.
Moore, R. (2003). Helping students succeed in introductory biology classes: Does improving students’ attendance also improve their grades? Bioscience, 29(1): 17-25. Read More
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