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What are the most convincing models that account for the way citizens make electoral choices in Britain today - Essay Example

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This is with regard to not only the citizens, but also political parties. Participation of political parties in particular has consistently gone down since 1960s. This has been attributed to…
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What are the most convincing models that account for the way citizens make electoral choices in Britain today
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Extract of sample "What are the most convincing models that account for the way citizens make electoral choices in Britain today"

Download file to see previous pages Individuals within the age bracket of 18-24 were the most inactive in the election process. This is an indication that political respondents for people who are below 25 is generally low negative and is an indication that the young adults in Britain have low interest in political processes. The ambiguous aspect of civil engagements has been attributed to behavioral and attitudinal orientations on political matters. These are significant in trying to understand the likely prospects of political engagements as the relation of a person and the power of influence is significant in this situation. In essence, the social correlation and trust between members of parliament and citizens is becoming slim as it is said that the society in which humanity thrive today has become more cynical because of the high level of influence and media reliability. The general populations have also been worried on the lost trust between the citizens and their MPs. The lost trust is attributed to the variation in moral values.
The voter turnout during the 2001 general elections was the lowest in Britain. The purpose of this paper is to present theoretical explanations on political participation and analyzes literature on the determinants of political participation in Britain.
It is interesting that despite many people in Britain having fought hard for voting rights, there are still many who do not want to vote. There are many reasons, which could be attributed to this; lack of political consciousness, while others do not even care to vote despite being politically conscious. There are those who fill that lining up for some hours without any “meaningful gain” would be a waste of time for them, and that they could have taken that time to do other “useful things”. Additionally, there are also those people who have completely lost trust on political leaders and think that their votes will make no difference since they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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