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Poverty is About Lack of Participation, Not Just Lack of Income - Term Paper Example

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The following discussion attempts to prove that poverty is about lack of participation and not an income as many people have for a long time believed. In discussing this concept, the paper focuses on poverty and social exclusion with respect to Britain…
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Poverty is About Lack of Participation, Not Just Lack of Income
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Extract of sample "Poverty is About Lack of Participation, Not Just Lack of Income"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion attempts to evaluate the relationship between contemporary social policy perspective and implications for social work practice, especially inappropriate scenarios. Poverty is defined in this paper as the insufficiency in financial resources to meet basic needs. The paper also identifies the fact that social exclusion in the contemporary world is a wider concept than the traditional concept of poverty. Thesis Statement Overview Over the last few decades the United Kingdom has experienced tremendous growth in major sectors of her economy. Precisely, the United Kingdom’s prosperity has been experienced over the last two decades (Alcock, 2006). Considerable economic success within the United Kingdom, which has been so far achieved, is reflected in increased affluence opportunities not only for British people but also for citizens from other countries. In terms of average income per citizen, United Kingdom boasts of being amongst the top ten countries in the world. Nonetheless, behind such remarkable economic success, United Kingdom still experiences a high rate of poverty (Orton and Rowlingston, 2007).

Despite being linked to lack of income, it is evident that even in economies with higher per capita income there is still a high prevalence of poverty. As a result, many sociologists and economists have contributed this aspect to lack of participation (Hills, 2004). Undeniably, the UK has higher per capita income yet experiences high poverty rates. In this regards, poverty is about lack of participation and not just lack of income despite the latter having a part to play in contributing to the social problem. Modern Social Policy in Britain Social policy is a noble term that describes activities, intentions, and proposals that governments make in a bid to enhance the living standards of its people. For instance, UK government through its budget, activities, and intentions ensures that there are good schools, better healthcare services, better housing, as well as engaging in uplifting the personal needs of every citizen (Hills and Stewart, 2005).

United Kingdom’s social policy is measured through the expenditure incurred by the government in providing better educational facilities, healthcare services, housing, and the living standards of citizens as a whole. Some of the modern social policies in Britain include social security, health, housing, education, welfare, and children. On the other hand, Britain developed an economic-social policy that aims at reducing disparities in income amongst the citizens (Hills, Grand, and Piachaud, 2002). The main intention of the modern economic policy in Britain has been to reduce the poverty level so far experienced. Unfortunately, there has been an overreliance on the outdated industry, which has continuously caused the worsening of poverty. Amazingly, there has been insufficient involvement of not only private sectors but also individual citizens in innovating and inventing better industries. The insufficiency in participation has resulted in many people within Britain to continue experiencing a lack of sufficient financial resources to meet basic needs. It is this lack of enough financial resources to meet basic needs that amount to poverty (Alcock, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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