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Administration of Training and Development in the Ministry of Education Leadership Assessment Plan - Thesis Example

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According to Deluca and Bellara (2013) there has been a sporadic emergence of educational policies coupled with standards that focus on the need for an assessment before being engaged in a teaching job. Their study focuses on the alarming low competency exhibited by beginning…
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Administration of Training and Development in the Ministry of Education Leadership Assessment Plan
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Extract of sample "Administration of Training and Development in the Ministry of Education Leadership Assessment Plan"

Download file to see previous pages The assessment standard guidelines are established by the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers Education, which states that teacher candidates should focus on the learning process of students while monitoring the work or students. This enables the student teachers to make adjustments to their instruction manuals to ensure a positive outcome for the learning process. The processes are supposed to act as guidelines for student teachers as they transition into the teaching fraternity in making informed decisions that enhance the learning and teaching process.
According to Fletcher, Meyer, Anderson, Johnston, and Rees (2012), assessment is an important component of higher education in the provision of information related to student progress, learning, the quality of teaching, and the accountability of an institution and its programs. The study used a survey to determine the views of the faculty and students on assessments. The study’s expectations were for faculty members to have a positive attitude towards assessments as aides to the teaching and learning process. On the other hand, students were expected to concur that assessments were ignored in the learning and teaching process. The study emphasizes on the need of conducting transparent assessments that are understandable by students and the teaching staff. Assessments are viewed to play the critical role of informing students in the selection of a program of study, the measurement of students learning, and the progression of students towards qualification. Assessments are credited for the provision of quality information to the faculty about the effectiveness of the teaching processes.
Dhingra, Sharma, and Sharma (2013) carried an assessment to establish the knowledge and skills possessed Anganwadi workers in relation to preschool educational activities in the area. The study served as an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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