People aged over 65 employment in UK - Essay Example

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Figure 3 shows how this particular group of people has continued to stay in employment for over 20 years (41% stay for over 20 years in employment)…
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People aged over 65 employment in UK
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People aged over 65 employments in UK Affiliation: Describe how trends in the 65s have changed in recent years, commenting on the length of time that people remain in work.
The trend in the three figures provides an indication of the people in employment who are over 65 years continuing to increase. Figure 3 shows how this particular group of people has continued to stay in employment for over 20 years (41% stay for over 20 years in employment). The increase in trend has been constantly on the rise since the 1990s and continues to do so up to the present times according to the figures by the labor statistics.
Finally, outline possible reasons for these trends.
There are some reasons that can be attributed to the increase in the people who stay in employment even when they are over 20 years old. One of these reasons is the economic depression that has been in the recent years which has necessitated people to continue working in order to make ends meet even if they are old or over 65 years of age (Barrow, 2011). There is also the issue of the workforce being reduced as the population of young people who can provide labour in the UK has continued to dwindle as people fail to give birth.
The lack of enough labour force has forced the older generation to continue working way after their years of retirement have passed as they have no alternative if the economy is to continue to grow as it used to or if their country is to develop. Lastly is the boredom that most of these people face if and when they retire and in order to avoid it, they prefer to continue working until they are not physically able to do so.
Barrow, B. (April, 13th, 2011). “Grey jobs boom: How over 65s are filling a third of new positions because they are too poor to retire.” Dailymail. Retrieved from: theyre-poor-retire.html
Office for National Statistics. (June, 2013). Labour Market Statistics. Retrieved from: Read More
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People Aged over 65 Employment in UK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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