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Politics and Society - Essay Example

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The growth and prosperity of country mainly depends on its population trends. Depending on its size and type of population, respective governments have to make amendments in their policy and other issues. The United Kingdom is not an exception to these phenomena as it is one of the most urbanized nations on this planet…
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Politics and Society
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Download file to see previous pages And moreover the world is getting smaller with its boundaries virtually erased in the name of globalization. Migration is taking place on large extent legally and illegally. This further increases the rate of population and the responsibility of host country to provide the migrated population with all the basic amenities. According to Census 2001, the United Kingdom had a total population of 58,789,194, further increased to 59.5 million in 2003, 18% increase from 50.3 million in 1950 and 3.2% increase from 1993 to 2003.1 Such trends in population growth compel the authorities to change the policies and type of services and schemes for the welfare and development of society.
The Office of National Statistics hinted that England is prepared to be the Europe's most crowded place and population of UK increasing at the rate of almost 33% in the next 50 years. Based on this predictions, it is presumed that population density will increase from 1,010 persons per square mile to 1,349 persons per square mile.2 The United Kingdom's population is increasing at brisk pace and it is estimated to be touching over 83 million3 by the end of 2081 which is almost 45% increase from 58 million in the year 2001. According to estimates released by the Office of National Statistics, United Kingdom is to be occupied with 60.5 million during 2006-07 and will reach some 78 million during 2051-56 after taking into account the births, deaths, rate of immigration into the country. The national statistics department has put forward that the total fertility will stand at 1.89% and predicts that it will continue at this rate till 2051-56. The age wise growth of population in the year 2006 was like 10.7 million (0-14 years), 11.8 million (15-29 years), 13.3 million (30-44 years), 11.7 million (45-59 years), 8.2 million (60-74) and some 4.6 million in the category of 75 years & over.4 It is estimated that this figures will not change in the next 40 years or so with the exception in the age group of above 45 years. The United Kingdom will be populated with more number of aged people than in any country in Europe. The aged population is predicted to grow at 16.2% in 2056 as compared to present growth rate of 13.6% in 2006 among the age group of 60-74 years. The average age is expected to rise from 39.4 years in 2003 to 43.6 years in 2031 and further predictions suggest that this will rise to 45 years in the near future. Based on these assumptions, it is believed that life expectancy will rise from 76.2 years in 2003 to 81 years in 2031 and 80.6 years in 2003 to 84.9 years in 2031 for men and women respectively.5 According to 2001 Census, United Kingdom accounted for 4.6 million ethnics' population which contributed 7.9% of the total UK population. And the largest ethnic group was none other than Indian with 1.05 million. Most of the ethnic populations were Asians led by Indians followed by Pakistan (0.7m), Bangladesh (0.2m) and other Asian (0.2m). The United Kingdom is also home to black with Caribbean Blacks leading the numbers with 0.5 million and others contributing around 0.6 million.6 With such large diverse population, the United Kingdom is bound to face many a millions of problem revolving around the development of communities and to prepare the policies and amend the constitution, so that no citizen of United Kingdom is isolated from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Politics and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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