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Is Current UK Government Policy On Training And Development Fit For Purpose - Essay Example

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The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in whether the policy of the United Kingdom government on training and development fit for its purpose. The UK has continued to under-invest on manpower training and development…
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Is Current UK Government Policy On Training And Development Fit For Purpose
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Extract of sample "Is Current UK Government Policy On Training And Development Fit For Purpose"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the policy of the United Kingdom on training and development is reflected in the document, Further education-new horizon: Investing in skills for sustainable development, produced by the United Kingdom Department for Business, Innovation & Skills or BIS. One important feature of the UK government policy is that “the case for state investment is strongest for young people and those with low skills”. In particular, the focus is on “young people aged 19 up to 24”.  However, “the further education resource budget will be reduced by 25%”. This is a very important feature of the UK government policy on training on development. The UK “will progressively introduce a new loan facility, which will remove grant funding from the 2013/14 academic year, providing the capacity to sustain learner participation with government-backed fee loans for individuals aged 24 or over studying at qualifications at level 3 and above”. BIS elaborated “there will be no up-front costs and the repayments made on an income-contingent basis.” In addition, “the government has made available £129m in 2013-14 and £398m in 2014-15 for these fee loans”. The BIS claims, however, that while public investment will be reduced, the UK government will “free the sector from top-down targets and direction to enable a truly demand-led system to develop”. The government will seek “greater contributions from individuals and employers who benefit most and can afford to pay”. For 2011-12, “the total Teaching and Learning budget will be £3.1bn, of which £605m will be earmarked for adult apprenticeships”. However, spending on adult apprenticeships and, relative to the previous government, “will increase by up to £250m by the end of the SR period”. Informal adult and community learning will be retained although they will be “reformed”. There will also be “progression routes for those looking for a way into formal learning. Importantly, “there will also be helpful for those who are unemployed on active benefits”. The UK government policy on training and development comes with “fundamental policy changes”. The “Train Gain” will be abolished. “Funding for workplace training on SMEs will be prioritized”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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