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The dissertation examines specific aspects of the human resource management of one of the world’s largest oil firms, ARAMCO, in order to establish the extent to which HRM practices and policies are perceived by the company’s internal stakeholders…
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Download file to see previous pages In this research, primary data was gathered through the use of a survey questionnaire and interviews administered to two sample groups, namely managers and rank-and-file employees of ARAMCO. The 100 respondents were selected through stratified random sampling, comprising 80 rank-and-file employees and 20 managerial employees. Secondary data were gathered from existing literature on ARAMCO, particularly its annual report and documents existing in the public domain. The study determined that Saudi ARAMCO employs a best-fit approach to its human resources management, allowing for the gradual and continuous development of HRD policies and practices in the areas of motivation, rewards management, and performance management and appraisal. There are a number of gaps that exist between management and employee perceptions on these sensitive aspects of HRM; however, there are also a number of areas where the two parties commonly agree. The study concludes that a more effective HRM strategy may be arrived at by a refinement of the policies and practices currently evolving in the different internal environments of ARAMCO’s vast structure.SAUDI ARAMCO officially titled the ‘Saudi Arabian Oil Company’, is a unique organization on the global business landscape. It is the world’s singularly most valuable company, with assets currently valued (in 2010) at between $2.2 - $7 trillion. This value is likely to increase, however, as the company also presides over the world’s largest known oil reserves, an increasingly important commodity and the single most important driving factor for global business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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