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Human Resource Planning and Recruitment Strategies - Case Study Example

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This paper describes the human resource planning and recruitment strategies. For the purpose of this study, there is an analysis of KPMG, with details concerning the prevailing conditions in the company, as a result of the global economic crisis. …
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Human Resource Planning and Recruitment Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages The realities created by the present global financial crisis are poles apart from what used to obtain when the global economic climate was good. Being a firm that recruits high flyers and top graduates, there was always a high turnover in manpower before the crisis began. People were leaving and coming in at a fast rate. This implied that HR was always on its feet and on the move.
Career fairs and campus recruitments were conducted every three months to recruit the best and put them on standby, even if there were no vacancies ( it was sure someone would leave soon). Compensation and benefits were reviewed every year to retain as many people as possible. Opportunities for off-shore training abound. Members of staff were sent on training several times every year. There was a great deal of flexibility in the work style. People were allowed to come into the office at flexible hours provided they worked for the stipulated number of hours. Consulting jobs from clients streamed in whether employees went out on marketing or not. The reputation of the company attracted new clients every day. Sometimes the firm had no option other than to reject jobs that do not value-adding. Performance Management is a very objective process, but hardly does it result in lay-offs and dismissals
In my focus company, there has been a decreased patronage by clients, leading to reduced revenue. As a result, salaries have been cut down and a good percentage of pay has been tied to performance. You only get that part of the company meets its target, a situation that is unlikely.
Furthermore, a number of low skilled jobs have been outsourced to low skilled personnel such as interns and temporary staff, in order to bring labor costs low. Stringent policies and practices are released on a daily basis to regulate workplace behavior. Absenteeism and lateness are no longer condoned as before. Now, employees have to give cogent reasons why they are either absent or late and it has to be backed up by proofs.
For many organizations, this is a time to cut costs as drastically as possible. Businesses rely heavily on the current volume of sales, the anticipation of increased patronage and a host of favorable factors in deciding whether or not it wants to recruit. But in a downturn such as we find ourselves, there is a need to maximize the use of personnel at very low costs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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