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Human Resource Planning - Recruitment and Selection - Essay Example

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This paper "Human Resource Planning - Recruitment and Selection" focuses on the fact that human resource management is one of the most in focus phenomenon in all organizations. An organization is like a system consisting of other subsystem having a set of responsibilities. …
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Human Resource Planning - Recruitment and Selection
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Download file to see previous pages Hence we can say that human resource is the means of securing successful strategic performance and as a source of sustainable competitive advantages. It includes how to measure human resource and its contribution to firm strategy implementation. Therefore human resource management means creating and implementing human resource policies and practices that make the employee competencies and behaviours according to the requirement of a company. An organization’s strategic goals and its decisions are likely to have an important and unique influence on organizational performance. (Dessler & Varkkey, 2009)
Managing human resource requires a set of rules and regulations; in other words, HRM policies. These policies point at organizational activities intended for managing a pool of human resource to ensure that they fulfil all the requirements of meeting organizational goals. As these practices are based on the organizational goals and objectives, they are different in service organizations e.g. hospitals, banks, hotels, NGOs as compared to other manufacturing organizations. HRM formulates HR practices to get desired workforce skills, attributes and behaviours. These practices are:
Human resource planning is the idea of processing and analyzing the availability of a human resource to make the firm meet its organizational goals and objectives. The main focus of this planning is to have the right number and well qualified human resource, with right capabilities and they should be positioned at the right place (Robert, et al., 2007).
An old saying is that you can’t make a silk bag form sows ear. This is true in case of recruitment and selection strategy. Just like to make the right product we need the right material for that specific product. Same is the case with human resource recruitment and selection. Basically, it is all about selecting the right person for the right position (Roberts, 1997).
Performance appraisals are a procedure to set work standard and objectives and assessing employees and their performance according to the task, and providing feedback to an employee as for motivation and improvement.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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