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Managing Resourcing Strategy assignment-2 - Case Study Example

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Since there is a tight competition in the global markets today, human resource managers carefully plan and offer flexibility at work to avoid serious financial difficulty on the part of the business establishments. In line with this matter, the human resource management is…
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Managing Resourcing Strategy assignment-2
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Download file to see previous pages ource management increases a company’s competitive advantages within the global markets as compared with other similar businesses that failed to establish a reliable HR department.
Considering the importance of human resources, this study will discuss strategies related to HR planning, flexibility, and recruitment. As part of going through the main discussion, cases of UK and international companies will be used as an example on how HR strategies are applied when controlling organizational behavior in times of economic recession.
Considering that the significant role human resources in a business organization, the importance of HR planning increases especially in times of economic recession. In line with this, HR managers should carefully plan on how to build organizational behavior and culture that is open to change. By doing so, HR manager can easily control the possibility of internal conflicts caused by resistance-to-change (Sweringa and Wierdsma 1992, p. 9).
In line with this, offering work flexibility during economic recession is a good HR strategy since the use of competitive HR approach can save the company a large sum of unnecessary operational expenses. By choosing the best work flexibility options, HR managers can maximize the work performance of its full-time and part-time employees.
Recruiting a wrong person to do a particular task within a business organization can be very costly. For this reason, a careful HR planning should also be applied when the HR manager needs to recruit additional manpower. One of the prerequisite of having a group of highly competitive employees is to analyze a particular job description such as the skills and personal traits the needs to be fulfilled by the applicants (Nelson 1997, p, 40). Likewise, HR manager should carefully assess the applicant’s skills and past experiences in performing the demands of the available job position.
The importance of equal opportunity in UK is highly recognized by employees. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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