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Due to globalization many companies are expanding their business abroad where they send their employees to work. In this respect it is the function of HRM to take responsibility of its workers abroad. HRM should select the best employees to take international assignments…
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Human resources roles and responsibilities
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Order #:132390 Changing role of Human resource (HR) management in response to trends in globalization Due to globalization many companies are expanding their business abroad where they send their employees to work. In this respect it is the function of HRM to take responsibility of its workers abroad. HRM should select the best employees to take international assignments. HRM must be aware of the needs of families of those employees taking assignments abroad. Before departure the family should be oriented by training then foreign language and details such as of work visas, travel, and safety, household moving arrangement, taxes, family issues such as children's schooling, medical care and housing should be given.
Changing role of (HR) in response to trends in diversity
HRM does not discriminate and hence it has brought people of different races together by accommodating diverse groups of people by addressing their different lifestyles, family needs and work styles. Mix of males and females, whites and peoples of color, homosexuals and straights, Hispanics, Asian, Americans the disabled and elderly predicts the exact composition of workforce diversity.
"Distinctive voices working together within a common culture" is one of the ways we have described how we do business at mars (Mars incorporated diversity philosophy). Due to diversity employers are adapting their human resource practices to reflect to changes. Bank of America has workforce diversity programmes. They hire, promote and retain minorities, encourage vendor diversity and provide diversity for employees.
Changing role in Human resource management in response to trends ethics
HRM has provided employee monitoring during work hours. This is enhanced so as to increase productivity although most employees view it as invasion of privacy. This mechanism is enhanced so that the managers are able to know about the employees and how they go in controlling their behavior while on job. For example most organizations require employees to wear badges while on company premises. These badges allow employees to enter certain locations and determine which department he / she belongs.
According to the mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, he reads electronic mail messages that city council members send to each other from their homes so that he can ensure that their email was not being used to circumvent states 'open meeting' law that requires most council business to be conducted publicly.
Changing role in Human resource (HR) management in response to trends E-Business
E - Business has changed the way human resources managers work. By linking computers, telephones, fax machines, printers, copiers, internet and the like, they disseminate information more quickly (David A. Decenzo& Stephen P. Robbins, 2005). E-Business has assisted managers by accessing information from any part of the works by a mouse click hence assisting them to facilitate Human resource Plans. It has also assisted in the recruiting and assigning services to employees on line, conducting research, sending email, electronic databases, training and network with colleagues. (Human resource management, L.L. Byars and L.W Rue, 2003)

1. Human resource journal, Institute of Personnel Management (Kenya) 1996.
2. HRM Guide Read More
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