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Master in Human Resource Mgmt : Case study : Roles & Responsibilities - Essay Example

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Lifelong learning can be described as voluntary, self-motivated and ongoing knowledge pursuit that can be either for a professional reason or a personal reason or both. Lifelong learning, as the name suggests, happens throughout the life and is not retrained by any time till…
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Master in Human Resource Mgmt : Case study : Roles & Responsibilities
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Extract of sample "Master in Human Resource Mgmt : Case study : Roles & Responsibilities"

Download file to see previous pages An example of lifelong learning is continued professional development. “Learning continually throughout life is vital if we are to make informed choices about our lives and the societies in which we live” (Smith). If the engineers that graduated 40 years ago did not seek any further knowledge, their knowledge would be so outdated today that despite being very old and experienced, they would not qualify for a responsible position in a reputed company. Companies these days require demonstration of such skills as technical expertise, competence in the use of computers and software, and working as part of a group in a multicultural setting. If the 40 year old graduate did not seek any further education, he would be totally incompetent to work in the contemporary work setting. On the other hand, if he learns the use of computers and software, and keeps reading journals and articles about the latest developments and research in his field, his knowledge would be updated and he would qualify as a lifelong learner.
The terms “core skills” and “competences” are frequently used interchangeably and the difference in their meanings is mostly ignored (Oman), though the two terms do have some difference in meaning. Core skills are specific activities that are learnt and are thus part of a broader context. On the other hand, competency is an umbrella term that is used for knowledge and behavior in addition to skills. It is much easier to teach and develop core skills than competences for a trainer because developing competences in the learners takes much more than developing their skill to perform an act. It requires manipulation of their behaviors and personality traits in such a way that they help in the achievement of the goal. Taking calls from the customer is a competency for an operator, for the behavior and personality traits of the operator affect the customer directly. If the operator is rude, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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