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Emotionally Intelligent leaders and their Impact on Followers - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that emotional intelligence allows a leader to understand its people and how to extract work out of them. Sometimes it requires being calm in situations that are very intense and so the leader must do. …
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Emotionally Intelligent leaders and their Impact on Followers
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Download file to see previous pages Emotional intelligence comes closest to servant leadership style of management. A servant leader listens to his employees, takes feedback from them and looks to improve the overall conditions of the workplace. There is no blame put on individual employees and all the followers share work responsibility.
Emotional intelligence can be measured by looking at the environment of the workplace. Based on the discussion above, a leader should be self-aware of himself and his employees. He should work for the benefit of his people. This would be evident from the response of people. If the leader is understanding, motivating and is trying to develop the social skills of his people then they will be happy. They will show more commitment towards work and the whole organization will prosper together. It is evident that employees prefer to work with emotionally intelligent leaders and they give their best efforts under him.
In conclusion, emotional intelligence has great benefits for a leader as well as for employees. A leader knows what his followers want and try to make it available in the best possible way. There is peace as the leader is understanding and cooperative. The employees’ benefit as the leader constantly motivates them. They have a realistic goal to achieve which also seems fair to them. More importantly, they well recognized because the leader tries to listen to them by taking their feedback. This attribute in leaders helps to achieve company’s goals in less time as the employees feel contented to work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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