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MGMT315 U5 IP Introduction Thinkcraft Private Limited is a software consultancy firm that is based in the city of New York and has operations in the other states like in California, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania. The company intends to open operations in Austin in the state of Texas…
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Download file to see previous pages The new office which is being planned to be opened in Austin would also need employee strength of the same numbers. This report would look into the various processes that the Chief Human Resource Officer has to take in order to acquire the brightest and the efficient talents from the job market and the strategies that are necessary to make an optimal workforce planning for the forthcoming fiscal year. Literature Review Any workforce strategist would employ a specialised process of identifying the right mix of talents in order to build up a successful team that would prove to be effective as well as efficient in their performances. There are several stages that most of the HR teams of an organisation undertake to ensure that the best talent come on board. The first step of any recruitment process is the job analysis. In this process the human resources department of the organisation has to decide how many roles have been created for that particular financial year. The managers have to perform a task analysis in order to understand the necessary requirements of the candidates who would be able to fulfil the job role. For this the HR managers has to find out the right educational qualification and work experience for the candidates and the suitable skills and experiences. The organisation has to take the help of the possible sourcing techniques like the job portals, employee referrals, newspaper advertisements as well as the other forms of the online media. The company can also go for lateral hiring and pick up candidates from the competitors. The screening and selection process comes next. This can be done with the help of written aptitude tests, psychometric tests, the screening of the candidates based on their educational qualifications and work experience, application tracking systems and so on. In doing so the company has to follow the legal and ethical mandates of the country. The screened candidates then would either go through a group discussion process or may go for an interview process which is generally held in different stages. The soft skills of the candidates are tested. The expected salaries and the other necessary aspects of the job like the timings; the responsibilities are discussed in this phase. Finally the documents of the selected candidates are verified and they are offered the job with the prospective date of joining and the mandatory medical tests that have to be undertaken. HR planning for new office in Austin In the first place the CHRO of Thinkcraft has to decide on the various kinds of roles and jobs that would be required to fulfil the requirements of the company. Just like the other offices the Austin office of Thinkcraft intends to have a capacity of 150 to 175 employees. This would include employees of all the levels. The Austin office would have a proportionate mix of software engineers who would take the control of the technicalities of the software support and the finance experts who would take care of the accounting and the core areas of the software for the financial institutions. The company has to ensure that the major process of the compliance and the auditing part are done by the auditors who are being certified by the government. This would require 50 technical experts and 50 financial experts. There would be 10 teams each having 5 experts from each of the specialised fields. The teams would be managed by 10 managers who have to be both technically sound and should have financial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MGMT315 U5 IP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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