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This is because the grading of the positions is widely dependent on the employee’s educational attainment and skills similar to grading…
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MGMT338 U2 IP By Nikeya Saladin Completing the Job Evaluation Chart Compensable Factors RN Cashier Police Detective Landscaper Mechanical Engineer Engineering Manager
-Have a bachelor degree in nursing (4)
-Hold Nursing practicing certificate by successfully passing nursing licenses examinations (3).
-Have at least a minimum of high school diploma (3).
-Have an associate degree in criminal justice (5).
-Have a bachelor degree in Criminal justice (4).
-Must have passed training Academy (3).
-Bachelor degree in Landscaping (4).
-At least high school diploma (3).
-Four year bachelor in mechanical Engineering from an institution accredited by engineering board(5)
-Masters degree in Engineering (5).
-MBA (4).-Bachelor degree in engineering (3).
-Ability to use health application software’s (3).
Communication skills (2).
-Problem solving -Stress and emotional management skills (2).
-Listening skills, Customer service
-Point on sale software and bookkeeping (2).
-Technical skills. For example, ability to use calculators and cash register (3).
-Communication skill, Judgment making skills, Organization skill, Listening Skills, Leadership skills (2).
-Skills to operate tools and equipments, listening skills, monitoring operation(3)
-Skills of climbing ladder in order to trim trees (2).
-Computer application skills, mathematics skills for solve complex problems (3).
-Listening skills, public safety maintenance skills(2)
-SPSS program application skills (2).
-Auto card skills (1).
-Identification of patient care requirements (2).
- Adherence to therapeutic set measures (2).
-Solving patient’s problems
-Maintaining of patient health records (2).
-Responding to customer questions and complains (3).
-Processing refunds and returns, maintaining books of account and money (2).
-Accepting payments
Issuing receipts after receiving payments (2).
-Gathering of facts, finding out evidence involving a particular case, conduct interviews and crime investigation (3).
-Effective maintenance of the ground, Planning and execution of projects design, Planting and maintaining the flowers in the garden (2).
-Building machines and equipments
-designing engines, Identify and establish proper diagnosis for equipment malfunctioning (4).
-Managing projects (2).
-Developing cost estimates (3).
-Approximate expenditure (3).
-negotiating for the research contracts (2).
-Physical efforts involve: involve kneeling down, walking, and standing, crouching and lifting surgical objects (1).
-Mental efforts involve thinking and coming up with proper diagnosis for the patient (2).
Source:(Armstrong, 2003)
-Physical efforts such as seating, standing and walking are involved (1).
-Mental efforts such as critical thinking during calculations (2).
-Physical efforts such as walking, bending, scouting and kneeling (2).
-Mental efforts include; designing mental questions to be used to close examine criminal (1).
-Physical efforts such as bending, kneeling, walking, climbing, and lifting are most common (3).
Mental efforts, such as critical thinking, use of complex engineering tools to identify system failure (3).
Physical efforts during designing and manufacturing (2).
Mental efforts are required (3).
Physical efforts are also required (0).
Working Conditions
-Level of Hazards of surgical tools (2).
-Eye strain (1).
-Eyes strain on the computer screen(2)
-Level of noise (1).
-Long and repetitive working hours (2).
-Hazard and risk of assassination, physical strain and movement and Public relation (3).
-Have high level of body strain due to climbing and kneeling (2).
-Self managed working hours (1).
-Level of hazard is high due to interaction with tools and equipment (3).
-working hours are well managed (2).
-Low degree of hazard(1)
-physical strain is low (1).
-Director of Nursing (1).
Source :( Khan & Jain, 2010).
-Supervisory cashier (1).
-Chief Superintendent (2).
Senior mechanical engineer (1).
Self supervised (0).
Total Points
Median Salary Range
National Median Salary
Method of pay
Base pay only
Base plus incentive
Base Plus Bonus
The median salaries for the six positions are similar to the National median grades and salaries reported by the United States government. This is because the grading of the positions is widely dependent on the employee’s educational attainment and skills similar to grading system used by the United States Government.
The method of pay for a retail cashier is through commission. Here the cashier is paid in the month after the sale trade as specified by the product he sells. The payment rates and schedule are similar for purchases through the market place and their program. Police detective and engineering manager are paid on base plus incentive arrangement. Here, they are compensated at 80% of the compensation plus an incentive component which offers them the chance to reward goal oriented performance (Armstrong, 2003). The benchmarking productivity is crucial for maintaining the standards of the group. Registered nurse and landscaper are paid straight salaries. Here, they are paid predetermined amount of cash annually. One of the effects of the compensation is a reduction in utilisation. The nurses and landscapers are no longer compensated for prescribing treatment and offering landscaping services respectively. Conversely, a mechanical engineer is paid on hourly basis. Here, an engineer is paid their time using hourly rates. This computes the compensation by multiplying the number of hours entered on the transaction sheet by the hourly rate. An engineer is paid depending on the number of hours (Khan, & Jain, 2010).
Armstrong, M. (2003). Job evaluation. London: Kogan Page.
Khan, M. Y., & Jain, P. K. (2010). Management accounting: Text, problems and cases. New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Ltd. Read More
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