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Final Examination - Essay Example

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Name: Title: Course: Tutor: Date: Final Examination 2. Healthcare is a purely service-driven industry.our product is our peoples. Healthcare organizations cannot provide top-quality, leading-edge health service without attracting and retaining qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best patient care possible…
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Final Examination
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Download file to see previous pages Recruitment involves the generation of a pool of applicants qualified for a specific job. As defined by Fried and Fottler (2008), it refers to a set of processes used by organisations to attract individuals qualified for a given job in a timely fashion and in sufficient volumes and to promote their application of jobs available in the organisation. The human resource plan informs the approach to be used in designing the recruitment processes. This would guide on the recruitment strategies to use, the kind of applicants needed for the organisation to achieve its intended objectives and the process of recruiting and hiring. The designing process starts with analysing a job to determine the knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks associated with the job and therefore develop the qualifications that applicants should meet. Further, it would entail scanning the external environment to determine the supply for potential candidates and their competitiveness for the given job. This would include establishing compensation from competitors and available external recruitment sources. A review of past recruitment process for a similar position, if not the same position, guides on where to improve. This would lead to querying the human resources information system to evaluate the skills, experience, training and education of current employees. It also provides data of previous applicants, the cost of recruitment and information on the performance and retention of employees. This results in a well-defined and objective recruitment process. Internal candidates are already known to their organisation, including their performance and potential, thus the ability to make accurate decision on their fit for the job. Because these candidates are aware of the processes and procedures of the organisation, the start-up time for them is minimal. Additionally, providing internal candidates with arising opportunities boosts morale among workers, encouraging the productive ones to remain in the organisation. However, the movement of an employee to another position could create a disruptive ripple effect to the entire organisation. It has also been noted that internal candidates could be promoted to greater positions without necessarily meeting the required aptitude, especially among clinical staff in healthcare organisations. Therefore, an organisation could prefer to acquire external candidates who bring with them new perspectives and ideas. It also gives the organisation the ability to target candidates with specific knowledge and skills on the given job. These candidates are perfect for organisations marred with politics as they are not restrained by such politics. Even so, these external candidates could fail to fit in the organisation’s culture. Their abilities and skills are also uncertain as no primary data exists on their performance. Finally, orientation of these candidates consumes time. This has caused organisations to adopt other selection tools such as recruiting part-time workers, employee referral and engaging executive search firms or employment agencies. Organisations seek to adopt retention strategies to have employees stay with them. Job satisfaction and sensitivity to staff welfare determine staff turnover. Therefore, to curb high staff turnover, organisations aim at making their compensation competitive including giving loans at favourable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Examination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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