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Case analysis: Dealing with stress the Genentech way Introduction Corporate organizations, in their pursuit for profit as a primary objective, have other interests that may be internally motivated or imposed by external forces. While internal interest may involve drivers to achieving organizational objectives, legal and social obligations shape an organization’s policies that may involves its human resource management…
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Dealing with Stress the Genentech Way
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Download file to see previous pages The company has for many years been recognized by professional bodies for its human resource policies that identifies it as a favorable workplace. This has been because the company prioritizes a balance between its commercial goal and employees’ social ‘well-being’. The company for instance promotes “creativity and innovation” that encourages its employees to communicate their ideas, even outside the organization, besides accommodating its employees’ diverse ideas (Nelson and Quick, 2010, p. 250). The company’s interactive forums between its human resource and patients also enhance emotional stability while employee benefits promote utility at the workplace. These, together with a conducive environment that balances work and family life conversely benefits the organization by motivating its employees towards achieving Genentech’s objectives such as profitability, efficiency and customer utility (Nelson and Quick, 2010). Diagnosis and analysis Distress or ‘eustress’ Genentech’s employees are experiencing ‘eustress’ and not distress. ...
the impacts of Genentech’s programs towards employee’s well being The Yerkes-Dodson law that provides for a relationship between employees motivation and performance identifies Genentech’s programs as the factors to the company’s success in the industry. The principle stipulates that employees’ performance is directly proportional to motivational factors to a given limit beyond which further increase in motivational factors leads to a decrease in performance. This rule relates to Genentech’s employee motivational programs through achieved employee utility level and the company’s level of success. Commendable human resource policies that develop emotional stability, a balance between work and family life besides academic support programs for example allows the employees to focus on service delivery (Nelson and Quick, 2010). How the company’s management philosophy and culture sets stage for employees’ well being The management philosophy and culture sets stage for employee well being by providing a favorable social environment for the employees. The organization’s management philosophy that stipulates “causal intensity” offers employees a level of freedom towards well being (Nelson and Quick, 2010, p. 250). A level of informality in the organization for instance facilitates informal communication towards collaboration for innovation, a factor that further promotes employees satisfaction. Informality also breaks monotony that could be a detriment to employees’ well being through boredom and burning out. Similarly, a culture where every employee feels recognized and appreciated promotes employees sense of belonging towards social well being. The organization achieves this through providing an environment for idea generation among employees and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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