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Running head: Hypothesis Testing Social Science Observation Name: College: Course: Date: Abstract The main objective of this study is based on customers visiting two restaurants in the noon time. The hypothesis to be tested include going to eat fast food can save more time than going to a restaurant, fast food is more delicious than restaurant food and lastly the price of first food is cheaper than restaurant food…
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Social Science Observation
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Running head: Hypothesis Testing Social Science Observation College: The main objective of this study is based on customers visiting two restaurants in the noon time. The hypothesis to be tested include going to eat fast food can save more time than going to a restaurant, fast food is more delicious than restaurant food and lastly the price of first food is cheaper than restaurant food. To test these hypotheses, the data is first required to be collected. The type of data to collect is quantitative and continuous. Later, this data will be analyzed using regression analysis. The main procedure utilized in this study will be regression analysis. It will be utilized to explain the total variation of the dependent variables, they will be tested against the independent variables to determine how much of the total variation is explained. The analyses will also discuss the comparison of the different regression models, and determine which model is the most effective. At the end the hypothesis will either be rejected or accepted basing on the 3 model. Introduction It is known that people do have limited breaks during the afternoon. This applies either to students or those working. The study is aimed at finding out if more people normally go to restaurant or fast food over the weekends or for dinner. If it comes out that more people usually go to a restaurant in different time, then it will mean that fast food is not more delicious than the food in the restaurant. This is because if fast food is more delicious, then people are supposed to go to eat fast food more as compared to restaurants. And if it is known that people go to eat fast food more as compared to going to a restaurant only in the noon time, then it will mean that people usually go to eat fast food just because they want to save time. To carry out the study, we will be required to choose the restaurants that sell fast food and the one that never sells fast food but people go there to eat. The data will then be collected basing on the number of people visiting both restaurants. The data to be collected will be based on time, price and the amount of food taken from these two restaurants. During data collection, certain factors can be put into consideration that include how many people go to eat fast food and how many people go to restaurant in the moon and in the evening in the same area, and see customer’s facial expression to find out if they like the food or not. We also can find out the price on both restaurant’s menu and fast food’s menu. Data The type of data to be collected is quantitative and continuous; it includes time, the amount of food taken and the price of the foods. The independent variables will be, for model 1 is time taken on fast food restaurant, for model 2 is amount of fast food and model 3 is price of first food. The dependent variables will be the restaurant food. The operationalization of the dependent and independent variable can be through: The individuals will be randomized so that they represent the whole people who visit both restaurants and the study is to be done in different places. The collection of the data will be through the use of the questionnaire. People will be asked questions related to the research questions then the data will be recorded. After data collection, the data can then be summarized and at this stage, it will be ready for analysis to test the formulated hypothesis. In order to support the hypothesis, the results needed will be as follows: For the hypothesis: Going to eat fast food can save more time than going to a restaurant, the hypothesis will be rejected if the regression analysis results indicate that the p value is greater than 0.05 at 95% confidence interval. The time is the one which will be considered. For the hypothesis: fast food is more delicious than restaurant food, the amount of food taken will be considered and the regression analysis results will determine if we will accept or reject the hypothesis. For the hypothesis: the price of first food is cheaper than restaurant food, we will measure the price of food from the two restaurants then compare through regression analysis so that either to accept or reject the hypothesis. As mentioned above, the hypothesis will be rejected if the p value is greater than 0.005 at 95% confident level. If it comes out that the null hypothesis is rejected then we will accept the alternative hypothesis. Conclusion In conclusion, at the end of the study we expect to come up with a decision on the relationship between the set dependent and independent variables. Also we will be able to know the best or strong model through the regression analysis that normally gives the R-squared of each model. Bibliography Courtemance, Charles and Art Carden, (2003) “The Skinny on Big-Box Retailing: Wal-Mart, Warehouse Clubs, and Obesity,” Mimeo, University of North Carolina, Greensboro and Rhodes College. DellaVigna, Stefano, (2009) “Psychology and Economics: Evidence from the Field,” Journal of Economic Literature,. Dunn, Richard (2008). “Obesity and the Availability of Fast-food: an instrumental variables approach, mimeo. Ebbeling, C.B., K.B. Sinclair, M.A. Pereira,E. Garcia-Lago., H.A. Feldman, and D.S. Ludwig, (2004) “Compensation for energy intake fromlast fast food among overweight and lean adolescents.," JAMA, , 291, 2828-2833. Read More
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Social Science Observation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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