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Behavioral Science - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the topic of behavioral science and discussing other co-related factors like neuroscience, psychological disorders, therapies, we should first get to know what behavioral science actually is. Branch of science that is related to the study of both human and animal behavior…
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Behavioral Science
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Download file to see previous pages Study of all those activities and interactions are referred to as the study of behavioral sciences.
Here it must also be mentioned that behavioral sciences cannot be matched or embedded in social sciences. This is because behavioral science tends to study those specific reactions which come into existence among individuals that show the behavioral trends among those individuals. On the other hand, if we talk about social science, it is mainly concerned with the structural systems and cultures of the societies rather than behavioral characteristics among the individuals of those societies.
While talking about behavioral science, we should also talk about those tools which are used by the researchers of this field in order to gather data related to the behaviors and characteristics of the individuals. The most powerful and widely used tool for this purpose is observations of individuals and groups. Other significant tools used for the purpose of gathering data are controlled and ethical experiments that are designed so that the basic motivation behind any sort of behavior can be explored. Such experiments are conducted whose results reveal particular behaviors and motivations behind those acts or behaviors.
When we talk about behavioral science, we must also talk about its one of the major categories, which is neural-decision sciences. The study of these sciences includes those field and disciplines that basically deal with the individual’s acts and various decision processes that are used for the purpose of survival and existence in the social world. The study of those decision processes that are taken by an individual for the sake of his endurance and existence in a social environment is referred to as neural-decision sciences. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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